Wolf princess

Kara is a canis lupus, In Romanian that means grey wolf. basically she is a were wolf and she belongs to the american pack, as their princess. when prince of the Romanian pack, Fane, comes to stay across the road from her the last thing he thought would happen was that he would find his mate. Will they get together or will Kara's pack forbid them from becoming true mates.


8. Elliana Alexa Cory Avashkov

Fane's P.O.V

I watched as emotions played across my Luna's face, love, shock, happiness and amusment. Kara didn't seem at all surprised that her best friend had snuck onto the plane, come to Romania and crash one of my pack jeeps into a tree. If anything, her thoughts indicated that she excpected it.

"Elliana Alexa Cory Avashkov, what have we told you about threatening and driving?" Kara asked her friend as if it was the most normal conversation in the world. Elliana? Ellie just stood there gaping at my mate.

"Did you just full name me?" She growled, I thought I saw her eyes glowing slightly. Interesting. The name Elliana was familiar to me, though for the life of me I wasn't sure why. Perhaps it was a coincidense, and perhaps I had better check it out. I felt my wolf bristle at Ellie's stance, it was agressive, like she was about to hurt Kara.  They are just playing, I assured my wolf and he calmed down. Kara just burst out laughing and Molly was soon doubling over with laughter. Ellie grumbled something about hating her full name and crossed her arms over her chest, the end result was that Kara and Molly just laughed harder.

"Careful, Kara. You know how revenge happy Ellie  gets." Molly reminded my mate, a humored glint in her eyes. Ellie smiled a slow, dangerous smile and winked at Molly.

"Watson, revenge happy doesn't even begin to describe me." She drawled in her low Texas accent. I looked over at my beta, whom had been the one arguing with Ellie, his eyes were glued firmly to the girl in amazment. A smirk played on his lips and it was the first kind of emotion I had seen from him since his sister met her mate and moved in with his pack. Deceble refused to look away from Ellie, he was seeing her like she was some sort of goddess brought to earth and I wondered... Suddenly my father brust out of the pack mansion and stared wide eyed at the scene.

"Decebel, what is going on here?" My father demanded, casting a glare at his beta. Decebel looked away from Ellie and winced as he avoided eye contact with my father, I almost felt bad for the poor guy.

"I was escorting these two here sir, when the black haired one decided to crash the car into the tree." Decebel explained.

"That is not what happened!" Ellie shouted suddenly. "I was being a responsible driver, then Mr Flea bag decided to have a go at me about my driving and I politely told him to go to hell." Ellie said as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"I wouldn't have had to dictate you on your driving if you hadn't been so reckless." Decebel growled. Ellie turned fully towards him, fire in her eyes.

"You sound like my mother and trust me, that is not a compliment." She said in a very calm voice and for some reason, it made her all the scarier. For a moment they glared at eachother, each looking like they couldn't decide weather to kill eachother or kiss eachopther with a passion that no one should ever have to see.

"That's enough." My father barked. "Ellie, Molly, I welcome you to my pack and am glad that you could be here for Kara. Decebel I want you to escort the girls to their rooms and then I would like a word with you." He said before heading back inside, everyone filed inside, however I stood there for a moment, contemplating the existance of Elliana Alexa Cory Avashkov.

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