Wolf princess

Kara is a canis lupus, In Romanian that means grey wolf. basically she is a were wolf and she belongs to the american pack, as their princess. when prince of the Romanian pack, Fane, comes to stay across the road from her the last thing he thought would happen was that he would find his mate. Will they get together or will Kara's pack forbid them from becoming true mates.


3. Attraction

Kara's P.O.V

I wasn't out of the house for more than a minute before Ellie and Molly were at my sides, I hadn't even realised they were on the estate. 

"Wolf princess you have finally done something right. I saw that God given gift that walked into your cousins house, you weren't trying to hold out on us where you?" Ellie said. The snarl that erupted out of my throat was enough to shock even me, Ellie knew, this was a wolf thing. Both Molly and Ellie had been around the pack long enough to know that when I did that, it wasn't a game, it was serious. It was a claiming. She quickly submitted, she knelt down on one knee and bared her throat to me but lifting her head and turning it to the side. "I apologized Kara Jones, future Luna of the American pack. I meant no disrespect, I am not challenging you." Her words calmed me. My wolf hadn't liked what she had said about our mate but now that it knew she meant nothing by it, it didn't feel any hostility. 

"I'm sorry Ellie, I don't know what came over me." I said pathetically  of course I knew what came over me. I just hated that I had snarled at my best friend. Her shrug was casual, like it was no big deal.

"You thought I was barking up your tree, you were claiming your territory, I get it." She said and then randomly changed the subject. "Any way, why didn't you tell us Alex was coming home? You know how I love that boy." She teased, it freaked me out liken hell to image them together. Her wildness and his complete disregard for the rules, it was enough to make anyone shiver with fear. 

"I didn't know myself. He certainly didn't say anything about coming back." That freaked me out. Alex always told us when he was returning, but this time we hadn't heard anything from him since he stepped off the plane. It wasn't that big a deal, he probably just forgot  that kind of thing happened. Just... not to Alex. Oh well, at least he was home now.

"So tell us, who was the wolf Alex came home with?" Molly demanded. Looking over, I saw that she was looking towards Alex's house. I followed her gaze, to the top window on the left hand side of the house. Standing at the window was Fane, he was staring directly down at me. When our eyes met, I felt that instant attraction again.


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