Anna Russel and her best friend Chelsea take a trip to visit Anna's cousin Lou. When they get there Zayn is all over Chelsea but she has a secret that is keeping her from loving him back. And Anna is keeping something from Lou. So many secrets and so many lies.


7. SUPRISE!!!!

     Chelsea had been ignoring me all day. Last night after my date, I slept on the couch in Lou and Harry's suite. She didn't want anything to do with me. I probably could have slept in Niall and Liam's suite, I mean I trust Liam, but I just felt better not telling him. But what if Niall already did? Oh well.
   I walked back to my suite to get some clothes. I didn't know what to wear. I didn't think we were gonna do much today so I threw on some capris and one of Niall's old shirts that he gave me when I was 16 and we all went to the lake. It was still big on me. I put my hair up in a bun on top of my head and I was done. I looked like I had just crawled out of a grave. I didn't get much sleep last night, Harry snores so loud. Chelsea was sitting there watching me. I looked at her and smiled "Where are you off to now, your 'moms' suite?" she asked. "No. I'm off to see the boys." I said. She got a jealous look in her eyes. I smirked. "Like that?" she asked. I turned around and walked away. First I went to Louis and Harry's room. No one there. Then I went to Zayn's room. No one there. Then I went to Niall and Liam's room. Again no one was there. Where we're they? I just walked around the hotel for a while, I looked out the window, I saw the pool. They were all there. Dani and El were there too. I walked down the hall to the elevator, what floor was the pool on? 6? Ok I pressed 6. I walked down the hall and there was the deck with the pool. I walked out and they all yelled "SURPRISE!!" I smiled, I had forgot it was my birthday. I was turning 18 today. And Chelsea hated me. Oh well. I have all of my other, better friends. "where's Chelsea?" Zayn asked. "She is mad at me." I said. "Oh." he sounded disappointed. "Well are you gonna swim?" Niall asked "We also have snacks and cake!" of course. I went upstairs and put on my green bathing suit. "Where are you going?" Chelsea asked. "Everyone threw me a party!" I said. "Why?" Chelsea asked. "It's my 18 Birthday!" I yelled. She just looked down. I walked out. "Wait!" she yelled, but I was already halfway to the elevator. We swam, we ate, it was the best party ever. What made it even better was that Chelsea wasn't there, she always has to steal the attention. "I'm here!" Chelsea exclaimed. Everyone ignored her. I just smiled and everyone went back to what they were doing.
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