Anna Russel and her best friend Chelsea take a trip to visit Anna's cousin Lou. When they get there Zayn is all over Chelsea but she has a secret that is keeping her from loving him back. And Anna is keeping something from Lou. So many secrets and so many lies.


2. She knows

     2 days earlier... 
 "So Ann who ya been texting?", she grabbed my phone. Crap! "Chelsea give it back!" It was to late, she started scrolling through my phone, and then she stopped. I have to tell her. " Anna...." she said in a confused voice. " Is this?" I nodded my head. She screamed. "Prove it." "Okay, I will call him." He picked up. "Hi, uh Lou?", "Yes love, what's wrong?","She knows....". There was a long silence. He was upset. I hadn't seen my cousin in almost two years, and my birthday was in four days, I was going to visit him and the boys for two weeks."Lou? Are you mad at me? She took my phone!", "No love I'm actually kinda relieved", "Okay great I will seeya soon!" I hung up. Chelsea was sitting there with he mouth wide open. "Chels? He's my cousin." "ANNA! Why wouldn't you tell me this?!", She knew the answer. She is a major directioner, she knows their blood types. It's creepy. "And I get to go see him for my birthday!", "Anna! You promised we would spend your birthday together this year! I mean it's your 18th!!!!!" I did remember this promise. "Okkkay, I will call Lou and ask my mom if she could buy another airline ticket." 
  My mom bought another ticket. Lou finally agreed. It was set. I got to see my cousin and.... Never mind, and Chelsea gets to meet One Direction.
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