Anna Russel and her best friend Chelsea take a trip to visit Anna's cousin Lou. When they get there Zayn is all over Chelsea but she has a secret that is keeping her from loving him back. And Anna is keeping something from Lou. So many secrets and so many lies.


5. I like you

I heard a knock on the door, it couldn't be Chelsea she took a room key. I opened the door and it was Niall. He walked in and sat down in the spinny chair at the desk. "Do you need any help unpacking?" he said with his adorable Irish accent. "Yes, thank you." I said. He started unpacking my suitcase and putting my clothes in the droors, he got to the bottom where my notebook was. Crap! I snatched it out of his hand just in time.  He looked shocked "Woah! What is in that notebook?" he said. "All my secrets." I said still embarrassed. He took it from me. He opened to the first page and read out loud. "There is this boy I really like, he is so sweet and funny, he has blond hair and the most beautiful blue eyes in the world" he paused "Niall stop!" I demanded. He didn't listen. " But I doubt he likes me back." he continued " I don't know how to tell him I like him, and I only get to see him every once in a while, so I'm going to send this to him, I'm almost 16 and I still can't tell him face to face. So here it goes." he paused and did a drum roll on the desk."Niall quit!" I was freaking out. "His name is Niall Horan." he sounded shocked when he read his name. I shoved my face in my pillow. "You like me?" he asked. "Yes." I said quietly. "I like you to Anna." I didn't know what to say, he came over and gave me a big hug, And then he kissed my cheek. "Anna will you be my girlfriend?" All I could do was nod my head. "But don't tell Louis!" I said sternly.
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