Anna Russel and her best friend Chelsea take a trip to visit Anna's cousin Lou. When they get there Zayn is all over Chelsea but she has a secret that is keeping her from loving him back. And Anna is keeping something from Lou. So many secrets and so many lies.


4. Arrival

We got our stuff and went to get our suit cases. Lou wasn't there yet because we arrived early, so we walked around and found a place to sit down. Suddenly I heard a scream," OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!! ITS LOUIS TOMLINSON!" a random girl yelled. We heard lots of squeals and yelling, some of them coming from Chelsea. Well he's here. I walked toward the mob of teenage girls surrounding my cousin. " ANNA?!?!?! WHERE ARE YOU????" I heard him yell. " I'm over here Lou!"  I yelled back. Suddenly all of the girls settled down and just stared at me. It was so odd, Lou walked over to me. Chelsea let out a small squeal and Lou jumped a little bit, but then he realized it was her and kept walking. As soon as he got close enough to me I jumped up and hugged him. I was so glad to see him! " I missed you!" he said before he kissed my cheek, all of the girls were just standing there in shock. Who was I? Why was Louis Tomlinson kissing my cheek? They started whispering amongst themselves and then out of nowhere one of them yelled "Who's that?" I got frustrated. Why do they care? 
  We left the airport and Paul drove us back to the hotel. When we got there Chelsea and I checked in and took our stuff up to our suite. We heard a knock on the door, Chelsea opened it without looking to see who it was, but I already knew. Five seconds later I was being tackled by five boys and Chelsea was talking to herself and screaming. They finally got off of me and I could breath again. All of the boys hugged me one by one and when it was Niall's turn my heart sped up a little. After that I introduced the boys to Chelsea, I could tell she was trying very hard to not scream. "How have you been Annette?" Lou said, I panicked a little. I could tell I looked worried becauae Lou said "Oh crap! Sorry Anna banana!" that's his nickname for me. Niall smiled. I blushed. All the boys left, and it was just me and Chelsea and I knew what she was about to say. "Annette huh? What else have you not told me. Do you have a tatoo? Haha I like Annette it's pretty!" I smiled a little. " Just please call me Anna." "Okay fine." Chelsea left to go explore the hotel.
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