What Would You Do If........?

A load of random questions I pestered my sis with!


1. What would do if.........?

What would you do if..............................

Your dog turned into an alien and flew you to Mars and started commenting on your fat nose?

You got stuck in a time vortex and you travelled to a soap factory and they forced you to wash for the first time in your life?

A leaf came alive and started attacking you, and you fought back using your special skill, ninja licking!?

Your house exploded, and the explosion was caused by a naked picture of you?

Your great aunt learnt judo and fought you so you decided to use your only talent, WART POWER?!

What would you do if all the tree's died, so you went to pluto to try to survive but you could live there because of all the aliens fart power. The smell killed you!


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