Lego House

Harry, Leah and Kenzie have been best friends since the day Harry messed with the girls in kindergarten. But when trouble strikes in Leah's life, there isn't much they can do. Will the 3 stay close through everything from abuse to true love, dream chasing to hiding away? Find out in this 1D fan fiction.


1. The Beginnings



Leah POV: Just one more block on the top. Kenzie hands me the perfect one and all of the sudden our tower comes crashing down. “Hey! What was that for??” Kenzie yelled. For a 6 year old, she was pretty sassy. So was I, though. That’s why we were best friends! It was the first day of kindergarten and we had already had scared off most of the other kids. “Girls have cooties. That’s what that was for.” Said the small boy with chocolate brown curls and emerald eyes. “What’s your name?” I said with a huff. “The name is Harry. Harry Styles. My mum tells me to stay away from the girls so that they don’t fall in love with me.” Man, 6 years old and already has an ego the size of the UK. Little did we know that he would end up being the only thing to keep me alive. 


Chapter 1

*9 years later* First day of school. Nobody looks forward to it! Nevertheless, I wanted to make a good impression. It was 6 AM and I was standing in front of the mirror tugging at my outfit. I hated how I looked. I was 5 feet 4 inches, about normal height for a girl my age, with unruly light brown curls and crooked teeth. I had big hazel eyes with long dark eyelashes. Since kindergarten, I had lost my sassy flare and became quiet, keeping mostly to myself. My parents didn’t really care too much about me. They were constantly fighting about stupid things. My mom had died when I was 8. She didn’t care for me even when she was alive. If I needed laundry done, I would do it. If I was hungry, I’d make myself food. She was always too busy pampering herself with money that we didn’t have.

My dad was an alchoholic. When he came home drunk, nobody could be around. One night in particular, my mom was home with me when he came home angrier than ever. He picked up a gun and shot at my head. Luckily for me, he was too drunk to hit me dead on, but he scratched across my cheek leaving an ugly scar. My mother got hit. Now, the scar is a daily reminder of where I come from. I settled on a pair of jeans, some old tennis shoes and my best friend Harry’s Ramones shirt. Harry and Kenzie were the only people that kept me going. Anne and Jamie (Kenzie’s mom) were the only adults I trusted. I ate there, did homework there, and most importantly, I hid there. The only problem was that Kenzie’s parents were divorced, so she stayed the weekends at her Dad’s place which was an hour away. The worst beatings were on the weekends, so I usually stayed at Harry’s place then.

When the bus pulled up in front of my house, I got in and sat down alone. Harry and Kenzie were at the next stop. Though week night beatings were unsual, I got one last night. Though Harry’s shirt covered the bruises on my arms, it didn’t cover the bruises on my face or the emptyness in my eyes. I got off into a daydream thinking about a life where my parents loved me. I was shaken from my daze when a curly haired boy sat down next to me. “hey squirt.” He said, a little too cheerfully. I tried to replicate his cheerfulness, but he saw right through it. “hey, what’s wrong?” he said as he playfully punched my shoulder. I flinched as he hit a bruise right on the bulls eye. “Leah, look at me.” He said with caution in his voice. “I can’t.” I said, choking on the last word. “Yes you can. Turn around.” As he said that, he turned my head and inhaled sharply as he saw my face. . He pulled me into a hug as I cried into his shoulder while he whispered sweet nothings trying to calm me down. After a few minutes, Kenzie got on and we straightened up and I turned back around. She was extremely sensetive to the whole situation so we knew if she caught me crying she would too. She looked gorgeous as always. Her parents were doctors, so she had the latest and greatest trends on. She was tall and thin with  perfectly tanned skin from her vacation in florida. She waved to us then sat down with her boyfriend, Mason. We pulled up to the school and walked into the zoo they call Holmes Chapel high. 

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