Lego House

Harry, Leah and Kenzie have been best friends since the day Harry messed with the girls in kindergarten. But when trouble strikes in Leah's life, there isn't much they can do. Will the 3 stay close through everything from abuse to true love, dream chasing to hiding away? Find out in this 1D fan fiction.


2. Holmes Chapel High


People suspected what went on at home. They knew that I stayed at harry’s most of the time, and I got a lot of sympathy. But I didn’t need sympathy. I got enough of that from Harry. He kept his hand on my back as we walked into the school, protecting me from somebody bumping into me and hurting me further. I sat in the back of the classroom like I did every year, and took a breath, knowing that I was out of my father’s reach for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. That was enough for me. Lunch rolled around and I found a table with Harry, Kenzie, Mason and a couple others I didn’t know. Kenzie took one look at me and ran off crying. I had forgotten that she hadnt seen me yet. I hate that I do this to her.

Our school didn’t have enough funding to serve lunches and I had no food at home, so Anne usually packed me a lunch, bless her. Harry handed my lunch to me and rubbed small circles on my hand while I ate. A boy with straw colored hair and blue eyes broke the silence. “are you two dating?” I laughed and said “ew, Harry? No. Never! We’re just really good friends.” “oh, that’s good” smirked the boy. “Shut up Austin. Did you forget that I’m your girlfriend? Sorry, he flirts with everything that moves.” Said a small redhead next to him. “my name’s Macy. Nice to meet you…?” “Leah. My name’s leah. Nice to meet you Macy, Austin.”

 Gemma walked over and tapped me on the shoulder. I stood up and gave her a hug. “how’re you holding up? I see that Pete got to you last night. I’m real sorry babe. If there’s anything I can do-“ I cut her off. “thanks Gem. It means a lot, really it does.” Pete was my dad. We stopped calling him my dad when he first started hitting me. She walked off, ruffling Harry’s hair as she left. The lunch bell rang, and we went off to 4th period. Before I knew it, the day was over and I was sitting next to Harry on the bus ride home, trembling at the thought of seeing Pete. Harry saw that I was shaking and said “I’ll tell my Mum what happened last night. Come stay with us tonight. You can borrow some of Gemma’s clothes and you have all of your books. He’ll be too buzzed to remember that you aren’t there.” I nodded my head and continued to cry silently, thanking God that I had a friend like Harry.

When we got to his stop, Anne didn’t ask why I was coming home with them. She didn’t need to; it was, literally, written all over my face. We got home and started on our homework. Though he was a cheeky lad who liked to joke around, Harry took his schoolwork very seriously, as did I. We finished our homework and ate dinner. Anne was one of the best chefs I knew! I showered in Gemmas room and borrowed some clothes and sat down on the couch in Harry’s room. I usually slept here when I came over. Harry walked into his room in nothing but boxers. “HAZ!” I yelled, shielding my eyes. “Leah, you sleep here every weekend. I’d think youd be used to this by now.” “Well I’m not, so pants would be appreciated.” “There. You can open your eyes now.” He had put on some pants, thank the lord. I laid down on the couch as he turned off the lights. “Night Haz.” “Night Leah.”

I dreamt of my father. I sat in Harry’s room, unable to talk, unable to speak as he hit Harry over and over and over again. The dream ended as I woke to a frightened, but alive,  Harry. I was twisted in my blankets, covered in sweat and out of breath. When I saw Harry, I pulled him into a tight hug, crying. “You were screaming. Anne and Gemma wondered what was going on, but left me to wake you up. “ “I-I thought he was hurting you. It just seemed so real.” “Well he wasn’t. It was just a dream. Come into my bed tonight. That way you’ll know I’m here.” I nodded my head and got into his bed. He pulled me in and just before I drifted off, Harry whispered “Now you know how I feel. Except for me, I can’t wake up.”


I awoke to someone screaming. I looked over and Leah was thrashing violently screaming about Pete and how he should hurt her, not me. I woke her up and held her. What she didn’t know is that the nightmare she had was partially true. Last week I went over to her house to tell Pete off. I couldn’t take it! He was drunk and he hit me. It hurt, but I knew it was nothing compared to what he did to her. When we got back into my bed, I held her until her breathing slowed down. I whispered “Now you know how I feel. Except for me, I can’t wake up.” It was true. Every day I lived in a nightmare, not knowing if I would see her again. I watched her slowly die before me, a new bruise or cut every day. The other day, I was talking to Gemma and she mentioned me loving her. Of course I did, I mean she was my best friend! But it was different. Like when something bad happens to Kenzie, of course I feel bad and I help her, but when Leah hurt, I did too. It was then, in that moment, laying in bed with her in my arms that I realized it. I was in love with Leah Elizabeth Politi. 

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