Fly To Fate

You are going to spend the summer with your Uncle Paul. You haven't seen him since you've been busy with modeling nothing major just a hobby. Oh how can i forget your name is Jenna Clark you're an only child you're parents are quiet wealthy. So you do whatever you want with your best friend Destiny Sanchez. And you are going to find out something you never knew but your friend did nothing big and well let's just say....your life changes around.


2. The Freak Out

I was woken up by Destiny at first I was startled because she looked scary."Ahhhhh""What, what's wrong""Nothing you just look scary" "OOOwww, that really hurts".'Yeah well am i scary now""Yeah a lot more scary" then we busted up laughing""Now let's go because we still have to wait for my uncle""okay let's go". We went to grab our suitcases then while I slung my carry-on bag over my shoulder. All of a sudden I hear Destiny screaming like she is trying to be killed. I look at her with confusion. 'destiny what in the world is wrong with are you trying to blow my ear drums out'""Sorry Jen it's just that that's Paul ""Wait how do you know my uncle". she looked at me and her facial expression changed automatically I was getting kinda scared. "That's your uncle Paul Higgins""Yeah why""He is the bodyguard of One Direction". "Who's one Direction""only the greatest band that has ever walked the face of the earth""Okay then shall we go and this time don't scream".

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