Fly To Fate

You are going to spend the summer with your Uncle Paul. You haven't seen him since you've been busy with modeling nothing major just a hobby. Oh how can i forget your name is Jenna Clark you're an only child you're parents are quiet wealthy. So you do whatever you want with your best friend Destiny Sanchez. And you are going to find out something you never knew but your friend did nothing big and well let's just say....your life changes around.


11. Really!!!

After the kiss we had gone to bed because sadly the movie had ended, we went to our separate rooms, I had fallen asleep with a smile on my face. I was in the middle of a wonderful dream about me having all my dreams come true blah blah blah and then harry appeared in the dream. He was about to say something but then I was woken up by Destiny telling me we have to get ready. I not wanting to get out of bed realized if I don't Destiny will wake me up everyday at six in the morning if I don't. So I got up and got ready. Once I was done doing my normal routine I went downstairs for breakfast and I go into the kitchen only to find Destiny and Niall making out on the table. So I quietly tiptoed back up the stairs, as I turned around I saw Harry. "AAAAHHHHHHHH" "Oh my god Jenna you should've seen your face" Harry said in between laughs. "Well you scared the shit out of me, I nearly pissed myself". Harry stepped closer and whispered "Would a kiss make you feel better" I was now leaning on him and as our lips were about to touch I whispered "No" then walked away. He soon came back running after me screaming "Jenna get back here" I was just laughing knowing I'm a better runner because I took track in High School. I found a closet and hid in there, he was still trying to find me so I waited until he was in front of the closet door. I stepped out and covered his eyes with me hands and said "Guess Who" Harry being smart had said "Megan Fox". Right before I could answer in one swift movement he took my hands off his eyes and spun around. We were now face to face he slowly leaned down and placed a soft and short kiss on my lips. I broke the kiss and we placed his arm around my waist and we headed downstairs. I look and see in the kitchen to see Niall and Destiny eating "Finally you guys are done eating each others face off". Destiny blushed of embarrassment, "What do you guys want to do today" Niall asked. "I don't know, it doesn't matter" Destiny said "Well I have to go job hunting so I gotta go and look up modeling agencies" I said "Well I'll go with you" Harry added. "You don't have to I'll be fine and if anything happens I can call Roger". "Who's Roger" Niall and Harry asked at the same time, just as I was about to answer Destiny answered for me. "Roger is her personal bodyguard her parents hired, because they're afraid that something will happen to their little princess" Destiny said in a mocking tone. "Whatever your just jealous of my swag" I replied then we burst-ed out laughing. "Why exactly do you have a bodyguard" Harry asked "Well to be honest I don't know I'm the parents of very successful people so I guess, they thought something would happen to me" I replied. "Well I'd really like to meet Roger" Harry said "Awwwwwweee is Hazza jealous" Niall teased "No I just want to meet him and you know....get to know him" Harry said. "Well HarryBoo since I can use company then you can come" I said "Well if he gets to come then I want to come and see who you turn down" Destiny said. "Well I'll only turn them down if I get a better offer but, sure why not". She started to chant which company I would go for and she choose a clothing line I don't know why my old modeling agency was Cover Girl, but who knows. Once everybody was ready we headed out the door to my new car which was a Ferrari F430 because my old car was still in the US, so I decided to just get a new one. On our way to Cover Girl Destiny was saying I should model for BillaBong again but, since London isn't really sunny or have arid weather I decided to just go with Abercrombie Fitch. We had finally arrived at Cover Girl and once I walked in everybody stopped and stared, at first I thought it was because I was with two members of One Direction, but that was not the case. I had walked into the Head Office of Cover Girl and immediately she came up to me and said "Hi my name is Shara Flores and I just want to say I'm impressed with all the work that you do, and if there is anything you need just let me know". I was kinda shocked I never really thought I was big in the modeling agency lit alone Cover Girl but, I just decided to play it cool. "Great to meet you Shara and I was wondering if you'd like to add me onto your company, I've decided I'd like to move to London and stay in the modeling business and since I was a Cover Girl in the US I decided I'd like to continue and be a Cover Girl but for the UK". "I'd love to add you onto the company but, is there any other businesses you're considering" she responded."Well actually I'm considering Abercrombie Fitch but I wanted to see how it goes with Cover Girl" "Ah I see well if you do join another modeling agency it could actually help you better in the media and in London it might take a while, so I suggest you sign with us and Abercrombie Fitch". "Well I'll have to talk things out with my parents and so you can just give me your number and I'll call you to finalize everything" "That sounds great". Once we traded our contact forms we headed out to go to Abercrombie Fitch. We got to the car and once we were inside Destiny said "Wow I knew you were big in modeling just didn't know that big where you make the whole room stare" I laughed at her bluntness "I know you were a model but I just didn't know you were big I thought you had said it was nothing" Harry asked yet stated. "It was nothing, or at least I thought it was nothing, I just never really thought that it had gone somewhere" "Well are you still going to do acting". Harry asked "Well I don't know at first I knew where I wanted my life to go, but now I'm not so sure, I'm considering following in my parents foot steps you know start a tradition". They all looked at me like I was crazy then Destiny spoke up "What about singing you an amazing singer, and I'm for sure you'll go far, plus when you sing it leads to bigger opportunities". Harry and Niall looked at me with a shocked expression "What J you can sing, since when" Niall asked, "Well Niall it started when I learned my first word, then I soon on caught on and learned more, sooner or later I started learning the words to lyrics. After that I learned the melody then sang, wow Niall who would've thought that Little Jenna knew how to sing". I replied in a sarcastic tone, he just smirked at me realizing I'm right "Well Little Jenna would you ever sing for us" Niall asked in a mocking tone. "I don't know I didn't even sing for Destiny she just caught me off guard and you know recorded me singing". I looked over at Destiny who was trying to hold back some laughs but failed miserably. "Wwwwaaaaiiit Destiny if you caught her on tape why don't you just show us" Harry asked "Well because I hid the tape from her so she wouldn't show anyone then I soon forgot where I left it, plus it's back in LA so hahahahahahahah sucks for you now you'll never know" I teased. "Well if Jenna would've put her stupidity for a little while and usse some of the common sense I know she has I wouldn't have found the tape and bring it with me, you know to show your uncle". I just looked at the ground in the shame defeat that I lost the battle "Well will you show us" Niall asked eagerly "Yeah show us, and Jenna is there anything else we don't know about you" Harry asked. "Well if I told you they wouldn't be hidden talents now would they"  I teased then Destiny now knowing everything about me told Niall and Harry everything. "Well she was in gymnastics not by choice because she wanted to be in soccer, then joined soccer after she twisted her ankle at a competition for gymnastics. Did one year of cheer leading and ballet, then joined softball, took up photography, then that's when she went into modeling then soon after took acting classes". "Really how did you have time for all that" Niall asked impressed "Well since my parents are big producers they didn't have time to hang out so they put me into activities, so whenever I had a game or competition is when we had family time. But I soon got tired off all the sports and annoying girls and just joined modeling and acting, and sometimes my parents will come to some classes or photo shoots". "Well now that you know everything about Jenna now let's say we go watch the tape of her dancing and singing" Harry looked at me confused "Oh yeah I took some dance classes different varieties to you know learn different things but I only took like two classes of each class". Harry just nodded understanding why I hadn't mentioned it, by the time our conversation was over we were already at the flat. Harry and Niall raced each other into mine and Destiny's flat since they had a spare key and since Destiny told them where she had hid the tape. She hid the tape in the kitchen in the back of all the pastas knowing I don't cook pasta so I wouldn't look there. By the time I had gotten into the flat they were watching the tape, so I decided I'd go to the restroom. By the time I was out they were waiting for me outside the door. "Oh my god you guys are a bunch of creeps you couldn't wait for me I don't know in the living room" they just laughed then went back to the living I laughed to myself at how stupid they are sometimes. "Okay well how you never sing, and I thought you said you only took a few classes" Harry and Niall asked as if they planed it out. "Well I don't sing because...well I don't know I just don't feel comfortable singing in front of people. An I did take only a few classes but those classes were really long, I just needed something to fill my time in". "Well why don't you become a singer you have the look, the voice, the appearance, and your used ti being around the media, oh and let's not forget you have the boyfriend to" Niall said Harry punched him in the arm. Destiny just laughed at Harry's response and said "I've been telling her that for almost two years, she doesn't believe it's her thing I've even showed her parents and her mom tried signing her but she kept refusing. Her mo eventually gave up then her dad tried to get her into one of his movies but she is so stubborn. She wants to get somewhere in life on her own even if that means for her to live on the street". "Well I'll support you no matter what decision you make" Harry said hugging me from behind giving me a kiss on the cheek. "Yeah yeah yeah yeah, well if you don't become a singer you at least have to become a dancer" Niall remarked. I just smirked realizing that I'm amazing and talented and beautiful lol, Destiny knew what I was thinking by the look on my face and started laughing. "You know what Destiny it's true I'm like a god in your eyes you worship me and the ground I walk on" we just burst-ed out laughing earning some confusing looks from Harry and Niall. "Okay I'll tell you this if modeling goes well and I end up finishing my season shoot early I'll do a demo album and send it in to my mom, how does that sound" "What about dancing and acting" Harry asked. "Well if the singing career takes off I'll dance in my music videos and while I'll wait for my mother's feedback I'll ask my dad if I could audition to be in his new movie"."Sounds like a plan" Niall said with a big smile. "Okay now that, that is situated what do you guys want me to make for dinner and dessert?"

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