Fly To Fate

You are going to spend the summer with your Uncle Paul. You haven't seen him since you've been busy with modeling nothing major just a hobby. Oh how can i forget your name is Jenna Clark you're an only child you're parents are quiet wealthy. So you do whatever you want with your best friend Destiny Sanchez. And you are going to find out something you never knew but your friend did nothing big and well let's just say....your life changes around.


7. Out and About

*Two Months Later* It's been two months since Paul has been in the hospital I visit him everyday. The boys have recorded squat because they couldn't think straight knowing the fact that he was in the hospital he didn't go into a coma but they wanted to keep him there just invade anything happened. I've bonded with Harry and Destiny 'bonded' with Niall. Let's just say Destiny has gotten more attention in the media then she would have wanted. The media know me as a close friend of theirs and know Destiny as part of the Girlfriend club. Today was the day Paul was released and I wanted to take him out to celebrate but then decided that it would be a bad idea. I bet he just wants to relax and do things at home so I told Destiny and Niall to stay at the hospital with him whole me and Harry get stuff. Once we arrived at the store I got a bucket of ice cream, candy, soda, sundae toppings, popcorn, blanket and pillows. Everything we needed to have a relaxed day at home and now all I needed was some movies.

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