Fly To Fate

You are going to spend the summer with your Uncle Paul. You haven't seen him since you've been busy with modeling nothing major just a hobby. Oh how can i forget your name is Jenna Clark you're an only child you're parents are quiet wealthy. So you do whatever you want with your best friend Destiny Sanchez. And you are going to find out something you never knew but your friend did nothing big and well let's just say....your life changes around.


4. No need to over react

We arrived at the studio and Destiny almost "hugged" the floor face first."OOOMMMMGGGGG Jen I'm so excited to finally meet One Direction""Really Dez I haven't noticed, and please try not to scare them other wise it's going to be a awkward summer". We entered the studio and were automatically greeted by five British boys with food all over them. Destiny and I gave each other confused looks then started bursting into laughter.The five boys gave us the confusing looks instead and gave Paul a questioning look.Once we were done laughing the boys had asked us what's so funny."So what were you to having such a laugh about" the blonde boy asked me "Well if you take a look at yourselves in the mirror you would find out" i replied "Oh by the way I'm Niall" the blonde Irish one "I'm Zayn" the one with a quiff "I'm Liam" the one with light brown hair "I'm Harry" the one with curly hair "And I'm Louis" the one with stripes "Hello I'm Jenna and this is my best friend Destiny"."May I ask you  guys a question" i asked Louis replied "Sure what is it"."Why are you guys covered in food"."Well you see the tried to take my food and i threw a pillow at them and they started to go after my food and well....we got into a massive food fight" replied Niall.

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