Fly To Fate

You are going to spend the summer with your Uncle Paul. You haven't seen him since you've been busy with modeling nothing major just a hobby. Oh how can i forget your name is Jenna Clark you're an only child you're parents are quiet wealthy. So you do whatever you want with your best friend Destiny Sanchez. And you are going to find out something you never knew but your friend did nothing big and well let's just say....your life changes around.


12. Is That Really You

I woke up....but I'm not so sure of my surroundings. As I look around I realize where I am, I'm in the green room on top of the roof. All of a sudden it all comes back to me.


After dinner we all decided to play 'Never Have I Ever' and if we have done something that someone hasn't we took a shot. We all gathered in a circle Niall, Destiny, Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn an then me. Niall was first (we decided to go clockwise starting with Niall) "Never have I ever been skinning dipping at the beach...while drunk". Everyone took a drink (even Liam) but me, everyone turned and looked at me with a 'oh no I know you've done that before stop lying' face. "Guys I don't' like drinking so I've never done that, and will I ever do that no". Everyone just shook their heads and we continued with the game next was Destiny. "Never have I ever gotten in a fight with someone" she said giving me a funny look, everyone but Liam took a drink.Next was Louis "Never have I ever done something illegally" everyone but Destiny took a drink. Next was Liam "Never have I ever driven drunk" "Oh Liam stop giving us your little puppy dog shit" Niall said. We all laughed including Liam. "Okay okay, Never have I ever gotten high" Liam said knowing Niall wasn't pleased with the last one. Everyone took a drink but Niall and Harry, next was Zayn "Never have I ever gotten arrested". Everyone but Liam and Niall took a drink, then it was me.... "Never have I ever ran away from home for more than 24 hours" everyone but Zayn took a drink.

*Flashback Ends*

I get up from the ground and start to look around and I see Destiny under a table Niall hugging a plant and Zayn leaning against the wall with his mouth open. I start making my way towards Zayn to wake him up "Zayn wake up" he didn't budge so I decided to get physical. I go and i start pushing him off the wall just as he was about to hit the ground he woke up. "Ahhhh" "Oh my god Jenna are you trying to damage my beautiful face" He said half jokingly and half serious. I just chuckled softly to myself and replied "Well if you weren't such a heavy sleeper I wouldn't have to now get up okay you're on the rooftop just to let you know". He soon took a look around his surroundings. "How did I get up here" he asked "That's what I've been asking myself, how did we all get up here and where is Harry, Liam and Louis". He just  shrugged his shoulders an went to go wake up Niall and Destiny. I went to the door and was making my way back to the flat. Then I kicked something I looked down and found Liam sleeping on the stairs. I kicked him once more and saying "LLLIIIIUUUMMMMMM wake up" then I knelt down to shake him.Lucky for me I didn't to push him down the stairs, because he wasn't a really a heavy sleeper so he woke up still a little groggy. "Huh..why does my back hurt so much" "Well maybe because you slept on the stairs not even carpeted stairs". I retorted back he got up using the rail then went just simply left to the lobby, I continued going down the stairs I finally came upon an elevator. I entered it and pressed floor 19 and as the doors were about to close someone stopped it. I couldn't believe who it was "Oh my god Trevor is that you". He turned around "Oh my god Jenna wow never thought I'd see you again" Trevor was my best friend all through elementary all the way up till high school when I moved from North Carolina to LA for my parents job. "I know right four years thought you would've change but you didn't" He just laugh and responded with "Well it's kinda hard to forget about you when you're all over the tabloids" We both started laughing. "Hahah yeah life's been busy for me what about you, haven't heard from you in ages" "Well I've been here in London to become a Marine Biologist". "Well since we are almost at my stop how about I give you my number and we can meet up" I said "Yeah that would be wonderful and tell Paul I said Hi" He responded "Will do see you around" "As to you". I walked out of the elevator and made my way down the  long hall towards my flat. As I pulled my keys from my pockets I unlocked the door I hit something that was blocking the way. I tried again and i realized it was a was Harry.. "Uggghh what do you want go away I'm trying to sleep". He shouted "Well maybe if you get up I can put you in your bed so you can sleep peacefully" I retorted back trying my best to hold on a laugh, but as always failed miserably. He got up off the floor allowing me to open the door. "Okay well since I've found everybody why don't we just wait for the others to come ba-" I was interrupted by Destiny, Niall, Zayn and Liam entering the room. Right as I was about to ask where Louis is he came into the flat through the front door with coffee. "Well I was wondering where my little ducklings went looks like they all came back to their king" He said laughing to himself. "Why are you all happy and cheery okay shut up" Niall said obviously from his hangover Louis laughed at him. Niall just shook his head an went to sit on the rocking chair, "Well since everyone is here why don't we get ready and go fro a walk at do a little shopping" Liam said. Great Idea's and Yeah's filled the room agreeing with Liam's suggestion. We all parted to our rooms, as I was getting my outfit ready my phone buzzed.

Text: Trevor-Hey this is Trevor-/ Jenna-Hey Trevor I'm going to go to some shops with some friends and I thought it would be a good idea fro you to join and meet them-/ Trevor That would be nice I can just meet you at Starbucks and we can go on from there-/ Jenna- Great see you then at 2...??-/ Trevor- Yeah 2 would be great-? Jenna- Okay see you then-/

*At Starbucks*

I pulled up to the parking lot with Niall, Destiny, Zayn, Liam and Louis in the back (she is driving a van lol) and Harry in the passenger seat. We got out of the car and entered Starbucks, "Okay so why are we here again" Liam asked "We are here to meet up with her friend" Destiny answered for me. "What's her name" Niall asked "It's a guy and his name is Trevor" I replied all of a sudden I felt an arm hold onto my waist I looked to my left and see Harry. He looked at me and smiled an I returned the smile and continued walking into the store with a smile that wouldn't leave my face.Once we entered the store some fans recognized us and asked for pictures.Once the small group of teenage girls left I look ahead and see Trevor, "Hey Trevor how's it going" I say as I make my way towards him.


Sorry guys I've been busy and when I'm not I have no idea what to write but expect another chapter this week since it's Thanksgiving break and I'm thankful for all of you reading my movella thank you. Also sorry this chapter is boring the next one should be a lot more interesting.

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