Fly To Fate

You are going to spend the summer with your Uncle Paul. You haven't seen him since you've been busy with modeling nothing major just a hobby. Oh how can i forget your name is Jenna Clark you're an only child you're parents are quiet wealthy. So you do whatever you want with your best friend Destiny Sanchez. And you are going to find out something you never knew but your friend did nothing big and well let's just say....your life changes around.


1. Off to the airport

Jenna's POV:

"Finally done packing"'Good because we need to the airport soon so go tell Destiny" your mother says. You walk into the guest room and see her getting here shoes on. "SO Destiny excited to finally meet my uncle"'Yeah the way you describe him he seems cool Jen""Okay well Dez we better get going"'Okay". From there you both grab your suitcases and your carry-on and leave your house into your BMW CLR 600 GT. You arrive at the airport and get your bags then head in. "Flight to London a boarding now" you heard over the intercom.

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