This piece was inspired by Taylor Swift’s ‘Fifteen’. I love her music and so decided to take the lyrics from one of her songs and turn them into a story. I am still experimenting with this and it is a work in progress, but I hope that you like it. :)


3. Texting Logan


“No- I am not letting you do this!”

“Pretty please?”


We were slouched on the sofa, skipping through a chick flick lazily. It was Abigail’s idea; her friend had recommended the film and lent it to us, burdening us with the endless hassle of skipping through the two hour film, and attempting to find the so-called heart wrenching climax.

“Why not?”

I had made the mistake of lending Abigail my phone, into which, she had immediately attempted texting Logan in my name. It wouldn’t have been at all bad if it weren’t for the fact that Abigail was clinging onto my phone like it was her life.

“Just let go!” Peeling back her fingers, I attempted to prise it out of her hand.

“Nope,” A devilish grin spread across her face as she tugged harder, pulling it out of my reach. Lurching forward, I made a direct hit at her stomach, squeezing it repeatedly until she let go; bursting into a fit of giggles.

“Hey! That was unfair!” Pouted Abigail.

“Too bad.” I grinned at her and switched the TV off. “That sure was boring. Fancy going upstairs for a bit?”

“Sure,” She said, “But I am not letting this go.”

“I didn’t think so.” I muttered under my breath, leading the way up to my bedroom.


“Okay, how about we negotiate?” Wow. She really was not letting this go.

“Okay, fine.” I might as well just hand her my phone. She was one of those people who always got what they want, no matter what. It wasn’t that she was annoying; it was just that she was so persuasive, and could make everyone believe her. She was one of those people that are just naturally likeable.

“Great!” She squeaked, leaning over my shoulder to look at my phone. “So, how about you send him a text, but you get to say what you want?”

“I have so much freedom.” I muttered, sarcasm filling my tone. She narrowed her eyes for a second, before returning to her usual smiley face and looking at me eagerly. I threw myself onto the bed and started typing.

Hey, it’s Erin. How r u? :)

I pressed send and looked up at a beaming Abigail. She was perched onto the edge of my desk chair, leaning across the bed to see my text.

“Great,” Grabbing my phone, she put it on the pillow and busied herself by fixing her hair into a messy bun. “Now all we need to do is wait.”

The text came almost instantly, alerted to me by a shrill beep and the widened eyes of Abigail.

Hey. I’m good, u?

My heart fluttered. I could just imagine his devilish grin and the self-obsessed flick of his hair. He was so arrogant, but seemed to boast the same quality that Abigail had; likeability. A laugh rose in my throat. Tapping the screen, I sent of another message.

Yeah, I’m fine. ;)

Great! What u doing then? :)

Not much, just homework. :L

Okay, I know I was lying, but I really wanted to pull off a certain sense of smartness, even if I was not the brightest cookie in the tin. Sometimes, you just have to make expectations for lies. What Logan doesn’t know won’t kill him. I got out my textbook and started doodling in it.

“Well, technically,” I turned to Abigail, “We are doing homework.” She laughed as I drew a loopy heart with his and my initials bounded together in the centre, waiting for him to reply.

“Totally!” My phone beeped again and I grabbed it, staring into the screen and mentally wishing for it to swallow me up. I wanted to forever be part of this conversation, whirling around in our words and melting into the moment.

“Gosh, the way you act sometimes, anyone would think that you were on drugs or something.” Abigail muttered. I pretended not to hear.

Ha! Isn’t it the best? :P

Yup. Definitely… :/ So what are you up to then?

I’m at football practise. :L

Oh yeah, you’re on the team! So why are you texting me then? Aren’t you meant to be playing?

Yeah, but I can make time for you. ;)

“Oh my god!” Abigail shrieked. “He like, loves you!”

“Well I’m not sure about that,” My voice sounded uncertain, but my cheeks were already flaring with colour.

“You have to tell him that you have to go.”

“What? Why?”

“Well, you don’t want to drag the conversation out into the world of utter boringness.” I loved Abigail. She made absolutely no sense whatsoever. “I mean, you don’t want to bore him, do you?” I shook my head. “You have to show him that you have a life, and can’t spend it talking to him all day.”

“Right.” I looked from her, to the screen, and back to her again. I had no idea that there were rules about this, let alone so many. Passing my phone to her, I whispered into the frizz that outlined her ginger curls “You do it.”

She grinned at me eagerly, and swept the device out of my clasp. Pleasing her was just so easy. Humming, she passed the phone back to me and I scrolled down to see what she had written.

Hehe, you are too sweet! I’m really sorry but I have to go. Will I see you tomorrow? xx

The phone beeped.

Yes x Meet you at your locker- 8:30 xxx

I turned to Abigail, showing her the screen. “What do I say?”

“Say yes!” She rolled her eyes as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

I can’t wait-xxx

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