An Evil Kind

My poem for the Fantasy competition.
A late entry but I'd still like your feedback!


1. An Evil Kind

We used to live in a world of fairies and nymphs,

In a world of creatures thought not to exist.

Where light covered each corner

And darkness was tamed.


Until the slaves of night arrived

And so ruthlessly stole.

Leaving Orhollow

Lifeless and



Yet good men

with armour and shield

Courageously marched to battle,

To take thee back in chains and shackles.


Our knights of light lay dead,

Our hope of victory

Shattered and



And on that  night of  raging wrath,

They said we'd die 

Like mortal men,

Hopeless and



But we shall barricade our doors,

Our white flag not waved

As we are strong spirits 

With hearts of gold.


We shall wait for daylight to come

And those who have perished,

Shall not be forgotten.




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