I Hate That I Love You

This story is about me starting a new life in London because my were abusive i left before i got to finish my last year of highschool. i got great grades even though i spent the mornings at school, afternoons at home cleaning, and at work in the night. i had enough money to buy a plane ticket i left a note for them saying were i was and not to come find me. On the plane i met a boy he had on hoodie that covered his face and bits of his blonde hair showed. I feel for the boys personality. When i arrived at my new home I find out that the boy is Niall Horan from One Direction. We really dont get along at first.


2. The Text Messages

Niall texted me 24/7 to see how i was doing hes sweet but not the kind of person i want to fallin love with. well this was out convo.
Niall: Hey doing fine love?
Me: Yea.
Niall: Okay just wanted to check on you
Me: For the 5th time today?
Niall: Yes
Me: Its only 7 in the morning...
Niall: Hahaha okay bye
When something crossed my mind
Me: Wait i need you!
Niall: Are you drunk you always are so mean to me.
Me: Yeah yeah yeah, whatever are there any high schools near here i want to finish the rest of school.
Niall: Yes theres one right down the street, take a left, then go straight 4 houses, then go right and youre there.
Me: Thanks bye!
Niall: Bye love xxx
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