I Hate That I Love You

This story is about me starting a new life in London because my were abusive i left before i got to finish my last year of highschool. i got great grades even though i spent the mornings at school, afternoons at home cleaning, and at work in the night. i had enough money to buy a plane ticket i left a note for them saying were i was and not to come find me. On the plane i met a boy he had on hoodie that covered his face and bits of his blonde hair showed. I feel for the boys personality. When i arrived at my new home I find out that the boy is Niall Horan from One Direction. We really dont get along at first.


8. Prom?

Leslies POV
I was at school for about a month when people said prom was coming up. Atleast 6 boys asked me smart, cute, sweet boys but i said no. i was waiting for Niall to ask me. but he thinks i hate him. but i love him! but i hate loving him. girls everywhere want to kiss him and when their near hin they take advantage of the moment. i sat on the front porch doing my homework when i got a call from Niall. my nieghbor, an elderly women named Meg Evans was over at my house helping me with homework when i got a call. "who is it?" she said. "Niall." i said trying to keep calm "Answer it!"
Me: Hello?
Niall: Go outside.
Me: What?
Niall: Just go.
I looked over at ms. evans and she just led me outside. i opened the door to find Niall on his knees with a rose and then fireworks in the sky that said 'Prom?' "Yes or No?" he said. I was speechless. "Say yes!!" ms. evans said from the window. "Yes!" i said hugging him. he picked me up and swung me around then he kissed me. the paparizza took a pic of us kissing and we didnt know. at school we walked through the hallways holding hands and girls looked jealous espcially Emily. the stuck up, popular, pretty girl. she was always flirting with Niall twirling her blonde hair. i hated that i loved him.. but my love for him was something i couldnt fight i had to love him! just had too!
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