I Hate That I Love You

This story is about me starting a new life in London because my were abusive i left before i got to finish my last year of highschool. i got great grades even though i spent the mornings at school, afternoons at home cleaning, and at work in the night. i had enough money to buy a plane ticket i left a note for them saying were i was and not to come find me. On the plane i met a boy he had on hoodie that covered his face and bits of his blonde hair showed. I feel for the boys personality. When i arrived at my new home I find out that the boy is Niall Horan from One Direction. We really dont get along at first.


3. Problem Day

Leslies POV
Today was the worst day ever my first day of school and i ALREADY had to take a test in reading. "Can anyone tell me what 94x76/E is if E equaled 9?" the teacher asked i rasied my hand to ask when Niall came in the room handing the teacher a late slip. i covered my face but it was too late he saw me "Leslie can you tell me the answer?" ugh im screwed " 793.77778 duh!!!" i blurted out, leaving everyone with their mouths hanging.the teacher took one glance at the paper she was holding and quietly mumbled "Thats correct" RING RING RING the lunch bell rang of coarse i sat alone while Niall kept glancing at me. soon he got up and came to talk to me. "Hey" ihe said . "What do you want?" i told him. "to know why you moved here." what kind of question is that! "ohh i came here because my parents were abusive and i had to work all day long when i wasnt in school, so i got enough money for a plane ticket and left for here. but i was smart enough to buy a house first. I lived in Las Vegas." i cant belive he asked that i never wanted to speak of it. just then i got a phone call. it was a video call. "Hello i said looking to see who it was
Ugh it was my boyfriend he always was so controling. His name was Alex.
Alex: why did you leave Vegas.
Me: why do you think. plus i moved somewhere far away so you wont find me!
Niall: Im going to get some milk okay love?
Alex: please tell me blondy is a long lost brother or i wont understand why he called you love.
Me: now hes not hes a.... well not really a friend or a pal... Umm Nieghbor!
Niall: Gee how nice
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