I Hate That I Love You

This story is about me starting a new life in London because my were abusive i left before i got to finish my last year of highschool. i got great grades even though i spent the mornings at school, afternoons at home cleaning, and at work in the night. i had enough money to buy a plane ticket i left a note for them saying were i was and not to come find me. On the plane i met a boy he had on hoodie that covered his face and bits of his blonde hair showed. I feel for the boys personality. When i arrived at my new home I find out that the boy is Niall Horan from One Direction. We really dont get along at first.


5. Meeting the others

Me: bye alex and we're through! i said ending the video chat.
"Gosh what a jerk!" i said. "everyones looking at us." i told Niall drink my juice. "Yea i know they think were going out, no big deal!" he said and that made me choke on the juice. "What?!?" Ugh for real they think i would date him, okay maybe i wanted too alittle, alot more then alittle. but how predictable is that!? "Ohh leslie come to my house after school i have a suprise" he told me. "Okay?" by the end of the day i had five new friends and i couldnt belibe that Niall was one of them. what made it unbelivable? im not sure but it was. i was walking down the street singing one of my favorite song when a small black car pulled up. "Hey leslie want me to drive you home?" Niall asked me. "Hahaha, no." i started to walk when i spotted something in the bushes it looked like a camera. but i kept walking. Niall got out of the car and walk to me "Please?" "ugh okay!" i walked with Niall to the car. he went to my side to open the door for me. "Umm Niall i think i know how to open a door." i said getting in the car. "haha, sorry." he said starting the car. It was silent in the car but we got home fast. he parked the car in hid driveway and got his house key he opened the house door. "i have a suprise for you." he said. "Niall im wearing my school uniform can i get changed first?" i told him. it was long white socks, boots, alittle below my knee, a black skirt and a white botton shirt. "you look nice!" he said as four boys popped out of the house saying suprise!! "Hi..." i said.
Nialls POV
Shes not like most girls thats what i love about her. other girls would always throw themselves at me but her... She seems like she doesnt even care about who i am. "Hi im Liam, this is louis, harry, and Zayn." i could see the were staring at her. i know shes pretty but wow they dont have to stare.
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