I Hate That I Love You

This story is about me starting a new life in London because my were abusive i left before i got to finish my last year of highschool. i got great grades even though i spent the mornings at school, afternoons at home cleaning, and at work in the night. i had enough money to buy a plane ticket i left a note for them saying were i was and not to come find me. On the plane i met a boy he had on hoodie that covered his face and bits of his blonde hair showed. I feel for the boys personality. When i arrived at my new home I find out that the boy is Niall Horan from One Direction. We really dont get along at first.


1. Boy On The Plane

I sat down on the plane alone. My first day in Lodon all by myself i had a house and everything i was just waiting for the plane to start. a boy around my age sat down with me he was cute. his hair was blonde and had the most adorable accent. i couldnt see his face because he had a hoodie on bit of his hair showed but thats all he sounded Familair we talked untill we landed he gave me his number and told me to call him sometime he did want to tell me his name tough. i unpacked when i got to my new home and it was close to One directions home but i didnt know that untill i saw lots of girls outside their house screaming "Niall!" or "Zayn" i wasnt really a big fan of 1d but i liked their songs. I heard a knock on my door the next day and Niall came over to met me "Hey youre the new neighbor right" he said leaning on the door way. i turned and looked at the unpacked boxes and he laughed. "Well my name is-" "Niall Horan from one direction i know, its not that that impressive. why? there are people like me that work their butts off each day just to keep a roof over their heads and you just stroll through life care-free" i said. "ugh heres my number for if you need anything" he told me handing me a paper. i took it and closed the door. as i was putting his number in my phone it said i already had it. the name it was saved under ' Mystery boy<3 ' i rolled my eyes and saved it under Niall. I should've seen THAT one coming!!
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