Emily is recovering from the monster. After rescuing her daughter and marrying the love of her life she is slowly recovering. After a terrifying dream she is not sure whether it will come true. When it happens again she has no choice but to believe it. Even if it kills her for her family.


1. Fazer

My feet pounded through the rotten leaves. It is early October, the snow is just beginning to fall. A flutter of feathers. The ebony blackness strikes fear in to their preys soul. Their power goes deeper than the heart, they tear out the soul for their own use. Leaving the victim mindless, defenceless, lifeless. I stop. I listen. silence. Then the patter of leaves behind me. A black feather falls slowly in front of me. At the other side of the forest, two black piercing eyes stare at me. Reading me like a book. I blink, my eyes won't open. They have took me. The soul eagles ow me. I can never go back.


I wake up and let out a sickening scream, it matches the soul eaglets’ eyes.Henry bursts through the bedroom doors, he grabs a towel and mops my forehead. Edward walks in calmly and nearly faints at the numbers on my heart monitor. At the last count 175. I realised that it was still dark outside, I felt guilt spread through me like wild fire. Jess started to cry. Everyone was helping me. Henry wanted to leave but had to stay. After a few minutes I heard a different sound. The sound of a falcon. Soon enough a young peregrine falcon flies eagerly in and stands beside me on the bed. Henry went to see if Jess was in her room. She wasn't. Instead there was this falcon.

"Emily, her first faze." 

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