Emily is recovering from the monster. After rescuing her daughter and marrying the love of her life she is slowly recovering. After a terrifying dream she is not sure whether it will come true. When it happens again she has no choice but to believe it. Even if it kills her for her family.


2. Coincidence?

I was up all the next night worrying about that horrid dream. I had told Henry about it and he didn't know anything either. Richard avoided me like the plague that day. He was always on the phone or on the computer. When I had manage to stand after months of being in bed he was leaving quickly to go to work. My stomach was holding folds of loose skin from when I had Jess, Henry had agreed to pay Edward for him to get rid of it all, I had lost it by then. I had screamed and shouted till my voice would break. I threw my arms around at him saying things that were out of line: "What you don't love me anymore? Is that why you want me to do this. Don't you want to have another child? Hey you don't have to carry it around for nine months! It might be even more you know. I just want to have a family and not have a kid which will just be spoilt rotten because all of our money is going to her. I know we aren't normal, but I have seen some reality programmes when this happens and believe me the couple don't always stay together!"

"Well you know what, maybe I just want to have a family which has the mother still alive. If you... er." "If I what Henry?" "If you had another kid, it would KILL YOU!" Henry stormed out of the room. and slammed the door. Amy was standing at the window. Her face shaken with this. I looked at her, there was something that I found nerving about her. Something that I had never noticed before. I sat back in bead. I kept the picture of Amy in my head, trying to figure out what it was. I dozed off though. 


I was in the forest again. The bird person wasn't there, Amy was though.

"Oh Amy. Thank goodness, we can fight of the soul eagle this time." I had said and started to run. I was going as fast as I could but I wasn't going anywhere near close enough.

"Ha, you can't get near us but we can to you! This is interesting." she cackled. she stepped closer, moving about ten feet in one step. Trees fell with the quake of her step. She kept coming, snow fell slowly, the birds flew with the disturbance. when I looked up her eyes had turned to the black of the soul eagles. Black feathers formed the same dress as what the other girl had wore, I realised then what had happened. Amy become one. She smiled, I blacked out. Dead and frozen on the floor.


I let out the same sickening scream like before. No-one had come to see what had happened. I got up and went and put the telly on. 6am, later than yesterday but still early. As I went to make myself a drink I noticed Henry's things and a bag on the table full of his clothes. I went over and started to rummage and search for a clue in to what was going on. Henry came in with my things in a bag. 

"I had enough last night. After everything I have done for you, has just been thrown back in my face. It's either I go with Jess or you leave and I keep Jess." He had thrown my stuff next to the table. His arms folded waiting. I picked up the bag and left. It was cold and I had nowhere to go. I stood outside crying. Henry cam back outside to see me. I looked up hopeful but he had thrown me out. I looked at him and, through cloudy eyes, took off my wedding ring and let it fall to the floor. I picked up my bag and left.

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