Emily is recovering from the monster. After rescuing her daughter and marrying the love of her life she is slowly recovering. After a terrifying dream she is not sure whether it will come true. When it happens again she has no choice but to believe it. Even if it kills her for her family.


8. Back up

Blood dripped from my back and on to the floor. Emily looked at the cub in disgust, her paw swept the cub out the room. Two of the back wolves stood over it. I raised the bat again and hit the male hard on the shoulder. I heard the clunk of it breaking and dislocating, that wouldn't heal for a while, Emily's eyes locked on to my chest. Her ears fixed on my beating heart. Her nose trained on to the smell of my dripping blood. Her teeth mouth the ripping of flesh and meat. The was the cry of something. I had heard it before. The cry of a hawk. I looked back out of the window, Victoria was gone. Instead a hawk flew in to the room. It's feathers glistened in the moonlight. It's eye's acting like disco balls. Emily saw who this was and hung her head in shame. her head turned back to the cub and her paws soon clicked along the floor following her head. The alpha saw realised that this was over, and left behind his mate. I stood there, staring at Victoria with a sense of relief and debt to her confident body. Emily knew she couldn't hurt a family member, apart from me, so left. Her revenge was clear on my back. I was happy but I knew I shouldn't be because I would be dead and then I also wanted to be. I wanted to say I was sorry to the human version of my wife and that we could live on like none of this had happened. I couldn't though. I wanted to but I couldn't.

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