Emily is recovering from the monster. After rescuing her daughter and marrying the love of her life she is slowly recovering. After a terrifying dream she is not sure whether it will come true. When it happens again she has no choice but to believe it. Even if it kills her for her family.


5. A last goodbye

I woke to the sound of bacon and eggs sizzling. Emily was still beside me, this time she was walking around happy again. 

"Henry! I've got something to tell you." she had said, I sat up and watched as a figure of me came walking through the door. I was happy because I had the love of my life with me.

"What is it honey, what's wrong?" I had asked, for to panicky to know what has been happening.

"Haven't you noticed over the past week? About here..." she had pointed to below her stomach. She was bigger but I had overlooked it.

"Okay Mr Brain box. You know about two weeks ago when you were the main super man in bed." she had stopped to see if I had realised yet, I hadn't got a clue. "Your going to be a daddy!"

"Really? Oh, wow congratulations honey!" I had picked her up and spinned her round the room.

I shook my head and got out of bed. Everyone was silent when I entered the kitchen.

"Hey, you okay?"Jazz had come up to me. I was stunned, he never wanted to speak to me or anyone for that matter.

"Yeah, it was kind of creepy. I just had me and her in memory reliving when she found she was going to have Jess. If this keeps on happening please kill me too. I don't think I could do that everyday."

"Henry are you okay this morning, I heard you talking. It sounded like Emily was there too." Gabrielle had said, I looked sharply in her direction.

"Yeah, it was odd you know when we first discovered we were going to have Jess? Well I relieved that moment in my head. How did you here it? I saw it though so I'm not odd."

I picked up my slice of bacon. Is was crisp and thin, I wasn't hungry. I put the TV on to one of the cooking programmes that Emily used to love and sat there not taking anything in. As watched a pair of sapphire blue eyes gleamed at me. I stood up and watched how the reflection of the house danced in the sea of blue. It must have been quite obvious to the rest of the family because some of them came to watch too. I thought about those same eyes which Emily had. Nothing could have compared to them. I ran into the back room and grabbed the video camera and started recording the wolf, it didn't run but just watched. I went to go to the bathroom when it had started to emerge from the snow. It was a deep blonde brunette black mix. It had one white sock and it reminded me of Emily with her hair dyed black. It had started to fade when she died. The wolf stayed there for most of the day. When I went to look at Emily, it had gone. There was a connection with this wolf that I couldn't explain. What was it doing here and why?


I slipped the tie up to my neck and placed my black jacket over my shoulders. It was the day of Emily's funeral. I don't know if I could keep myself together in the church. Jess had cried or even squeaked since she knew her mother was gone. Took from her by me. She never wanted to be around me, Edward was her new daddy. everyone had got in to the cars and ready to drive away. I grabbed the set of keys to the campervan that Emily used to own. I thought it be best if I used it instead of it collecting dust in the back of garage. This was the very same car Jess was nearly born in. I remember: 

Emily sat on the couch eating pasta when her fist clenched around the bowl which had shattered in to pieces. Her other hand dropped the fork and wrapped around her bulging stomach. She then groaned and moved to go and get the dust bin. I was in the kitchen clearing up when she came in and pain shot through her again. Her hands clenched and wrapped themselves around the baby. I had moved her back over to the chair and waited to see if it was just a false alarm. The next pain didn't come till an hour later when she eventually wanted to go to the hospital. I had put her on the swivel desk chair and moved her on to the sofa in the back of the van. I ran back in and grabbed the keys when Henry heard me shoving on my shoes.

"Where are you going?" He had said standing there like a lemon.

"The hospital, Emily's going to have the baby." I had mumbled with the keys in my mouth.

"Don't you remember Henry, she can't go because the blood that run's through our veins is purple. If she goes then we are found out."

"Oh, I forgot. What do we do then?"

"We have to do it here. Down in the basement."

I ran out to van and got Emily out and wheeled her back in to the house. As soon as we stepped in water and blood soaked the floor, her and me. Her hands flew to her stomach as she doubled over in pain. I panicked and picked her up and ran down the stairs to where Edward was set up. I placed her down just as more blood poured out of her. 

"Henry, why aren't- we going to- the hospital?" she had gasped.

"One your already going to have the baby and two our blood is purple so we can't really do that can we, to the nurses." Her hand reached for my collar, and as the pain kicked in she had forced me down to her level and on to her moving stomach. I felt the baby kick in protest.

I shook my head and found blood marks of just where the it had started. The engine roared to life as I pulled in front of the band of cars. How was I going to cope? 


People were starting to gather outside the church. Black was all I could see, in the cloudy sky, on what people were wearing. I was the only one in a brightly coloured car, orange perfect, I wanted to stay unnoticed. They believed that after we had the fight she had left in the snow and froze. All because of me. I stepped out of the car and made my way in. The casket was already there, waiting for me to feel the pain that she had felt. Her white body lay there, no emotion in her face. I bent down and kissed her lips. Pain kicked me like a bullet shot. I went to sit down, then I realised who sat beside me. Her mother.

"How dare you. You kicked my only daughter out in to the worst snow storm and let her FREEZE TO DEATH." she had broke down in tears. Edward had brought Jess, her mother was dead and her grandma didn't even know about her. The woman looked up as she heard Jess giggle,

"And to top it all off, you didn't even tell me THAT I WAS A GRANDMA! How could you?" she sobbed. I moved a few seats away so that I could have avoided her screams. They sounded just like Emily's when we were fighting. 

The service lasted for an hour and then we went outside for her to go. I didn't have any flowers, I watched as the body of my wife was lain at the bottom of a hole. I tried my best but couldn't, I ran out of the crowd and started the van and drove off. I cried as it started, I cried as I drove. I ended up back at our house, I sat there not wanting to move. It was about 10 minutes when something caught my eye. It was that wolf again, it was sniffing around the house and noticed me. It bounded up to me, it smelt the blood. I locked the doors when it finally came. I looked down on it. Straight in to it's eyes. 


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