Emily is recovering from the monster. After rescuing her daughter and marrying the love of her life she is slowly recovering. After a terrifying dream she is not sure whether it will come true. When it happens again she has no choice but to believe it. Even if it kills her for her family.


9. A final goodbye

"There we go, know no scratching them otherwise the stitching will tear and just repeat on itself." Edward said whilst I cringed. The cold needle pierced my skin. His large hand slapped my shoulder.

"Thanks." I had said sliding my t-shirt over my head. After what happened last night, the scars were just forming. The rest of the family were at Amy's graduation so I was alone. Victoria came back, after she had left 5 texts and 10 missed phone calls on my phone she had gotten worried. Which was, I have to say, unlike her completely. I had reached the conclusion by then that Richard had sent her back and it was not of her free will. 

"Henry, are you okay?" she called. I could hear her footsteps cautiously walk through the house looking for me. 

"Yeah, your back early what happened? A bear kill everybody or a tiger go on the loose?" she didn't reply for a few minutes. She didn't even make a sound. I got off the bed and walked in to the kitchen to find her staring at the wolf. I looked at her with love in my eyes. I sat down on the icy floor. Emily walked closer to me. She sniffed the bandages and blood. Sympathy was slowly carving it's way in to her eyes. 

"Go Emily, I want you to be happy. I will be happy with whatever you decide. I mean it." I said. Her feet slipped and slid all over the floor. She came towards my and placed her head tentatively over my shoulder. 

"Go, you know you want. I will be here when you need me." She pulled back and walked slowly away from me. She headed in to her daughter's room. She nosed the girl who played with her nose. She walked out and joined the pack. She before she was gone she threw her head back in song. The pack joined in.

"Goodbye my love." I said. she looked in to my eyes one last time. She turned, and was gone in a flurry of snow. I was happy for her. I always was and will be.

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