Sand, Tans and a British Boyband.

When two best friend's, Laura Gray and Ruby Smith decide to soak up the sun at Malibu beach, California for the Summer break they come across five attractive teenage boys.. Read on to find out what happens - Love? Heartbreak?

I'm sorry, but this series will not be continuing, I will leave the future of Laura, Harry, Ruby and Niall up to you. Let your minds wander and be free.
Thank you for reading.
I apologise again.


8. Our Night

Laura's POV:

It was 6.50pm, and I had never felt so nervous in my life, and I usually was so outgoing. But I guess it was with Harry. I thought about how he must have been feeling, proberly fine. He's seen with girls all the time, why would he be nervous. I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard Ruby start to speak. "All set? He'll be here soon!" She said excitedly. "Yeah, do I look okay? Are you sure this necklace isn't too much?" I asked, nervously. "Don't worry! You look amazing." She reassured me. "Okay, thanks." I said just as the phone started to ring. Ruby ran over to it before I could. "Hello, this is Ruby Smith speaking" She said cheerfully. "Just what I was expecting, I'll send her down" She said and ended with a giggle as she hung up. "He's here!!" She almost screamed, bouncing up and down. "Oh my gosh, I don't know if I can do this.." I said hesitantly. "Don't be stupid, go now and enjoy yourself!" She ordered and pushed me towards the door. "Okay, wish me luck!" I told her. She gave me a quick hug before cheekily saying "Don't worry, I won't wait up!". I giggled and walked out the door. I did a little skip down the silent hallway. I pressed the down button by the elevators and it opened instantly. I stepped in and pressed the button for the lobby. I quickly patted my hair and straightened my dress in the mirrors on the inside of the elevator. *Ding!* The elevator doors started to open and I carefully walked out. When I saw him, I got butterflies almost instantly, not from nerves as much now, just excitement. He was facing the otherway, talking to the receptionists, then they pointed to me with a smile and Harry spun around. He smiled at me, I smiled back. It was a perfect moment, just gazing into eachothers eyes. As he walked towards me I realised I must have just froze before. "Laura.. you look stunning." She told me with that dreamy, sexy voice of his. "You don't look to bad yourself.." I replied with a hint of cheekiness. "Should we go?" He asked. "Well I wasn't planning to stay here in the Lobby all night."  He chuckled at me and took my hand into his. Our hands locked, they fit perfectly together. We had to walk out the back because of paparazzi and screaming fans out the front, how they knew he was going to be here, i do not know, but i didn't care, I was with Harry tonight.

We finally arrived at a cute little Italian restaurant, it wasn't very busy which was obviously so the paparazzi doesn't find us, but it was perfect nonetheless. A very flustered woman lead us to our table, clearly from Harry's smile, I giggled. The table was a little cafe style table with 2 seats across from each-other, a long vanilla scented candle was lit in the middle, along side our menus, it was quite romantic for a first date in my opinion but I wasn't complaining. We sat down and talked for awhile, mostly about his crazy lifestyle before we decided to order. "I'll have the spaghetti bolognese please" Harry told the waitress who was still looking flustered. "Make that two, please" I added. "um..s-sure, let me take your um menus.." She blurted out. "Breathe love, here" Harry said kindly and handed her our menus. "Thanks" She replied and quickly darted towards the kitchen. "So, where are you from?" Harry asked me. "Born and raised in Doncaster" I told him with a smile. "A Doncaster girl eh?" Harry smirked. "Guess so" I replied with a giggle. "I guess you would know Louis' from there too?" He added. "Yeah I knew he was from there but I never saw him around." I told him. He chuckled. "What about your family?" Harry asked. My throat tightened. "Well my Mum... She passed away when I was 14 years old, she took her own life." I told him, I had to fight back to tears. Smooth Laura, I thought.. First date and you're already about to cry infront of him. "Oh.. I'm sorry.." He told me and reached for my hand which was covering my face, I let him take it and he kissed it gently. I smiled, that actually made me feel alot better. "So it was just my Dad, my younger Sister and me" I mumbled. "Well I'm sure your Mum was just as beautiful as you." He whispered and I giggled. Our food arrived at a awkward time, I quickly wiped the tears from my eyes and forced a smile at the waiter who didn't really take much notice of me as she was focusing her attention on Harry. "Thanks love, looks great" Harry said. "That's okay.." She replied and then whisked away, glancing back at Harry with a smile halfway. The spaghetti was delicious, better than I'd had before. We chatted about lots of topics until we decided to go for a walk.

We walked for what seemed like forever, until we came to a secluded beach, the moon reflected perfectly on the dark blue sea. Me and Harry sat on the cool sand, he put his arm around me and I leant into his shoulder. We watched the waves softly roll in, creating a peaceful noise. "It's so beautiful at night" I whispered. "Just like you" Harry whispered back, turning to face me. I giggled at how cheesy that was but he's so adorable, he made it work. "Are you laughing at me missy?!" Harry laughed, poking me in the side. It made me flinch and I ended up falling on back onto the sand, now laughing out loud. He leant over me, all I could see was his eyes, mesmerizing even in the dark of the night. I calmed myself down as Harry leant in closer to me till our noses touched. I reached up and put played with his curls, he smirked at me and I stuck my tongue out at him, almost touching his lips. I moved my hand down to his cheek and whispered "Why don't you just kiss me already?" And then he did. He kissed me softly, our lips moving perfectly together, he traced the tip of his tongue along my bottom lip I returned the favour by biting his lip gently, I felt him smile between our kisses, making me smile too. This is perfect. 

"I should get you back.." Harry whispered. "You should.. but I can think of better things." I replied cheekily. He just chuckled and pulled me onto his lap, and kissed me passionately again. Just as he started to kiss my neck his phone rang. "Fuck" He murmured, "I should answer this.. It's Paul" He said as he checked his phone. I sighed and nodded. He got up leaving me sitting on the cool sand. "Hello?" I heard Harry say, "Yea- I know, sorry! I'll be back soon okay!" He seemed kinda pissed off. Harry walked back over to me a reached out the hands to help me up kindly. "What was that about?" I asked although I had a fair idea already. "It was Paul, I have to go back to our hotel now, says that it is too late for me to out, in case of hidden paparazzi.." He said disappointedly. "I thought so.. It was still a great night" I replied. "It was a very great night" He winked. I giggled and he grabbed my hand and we strolled back towards a main street. 

We walked back to where Harry's Land Rover was parked near the restaurant and got in, Harry turned on the radio and ironically enough, One Thing was playing. Harry immediately started singing but in a loud and rather hilarious voice, directing the words to me in the most dramatic way. I was hysterical, this was hilarious. I couldn't help but join in, us two crazy lunatics singing to One Thing while driving. When we arrived to my hotel, neither of us moved, we just kept joking around and being dorks to each other. "I should let you get back, I don't want you to get in more trouble." I finally said. "Yeah.. It's a shame though, that I'm famous and all, I really want to do wreckless things tonight with you.. Like go throw water balloons from that building onto all those people." He said. I laughed "Oh don't be so modest mister international pop star, and you have no idea how fun that sounds.." I said back. "Next time, I'll get a morph suit and then we can do it okay?" Harry said cheekily. "So there will be a next time? I see what you did there.. smooth" I said back slyly. "Only if you want there to be?" He asked. "Of course I do!" I said back. He smiled and leant in to kiss me, I didn't want to pull away but if I didn't Harry would never get back. I pulled away and giggled, "Night Harry" I said as I opened the car door. "Night gorgeous" He replied. "I'll be waiting for a call" I threw back as I started walking towards the hotel.


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