Sand, Tans and a British Boyband.

When two best friend's, Laura Gray and Ruby Smith decide to soak up the sun at Malibu beach, California for the Summer break they come across five attractive teenage boys.. Read on to find out what happens - Love? Heartbreak?

I'm sorry, but this series will not be continuing, I will leave the future of Laura, Harry, Ruby and Niall up to you. Let your minds wander and be free.
Thank you for reading.
I apologise again.


15. New Day, New Love

Laura's POV: 

I woke up slowly, feeling the warmth of Harry's chest against my back, I smiled. Last night we made it official, I haven't felt this happy since I was a child. Ruby is going to flip. I didn't want to move but I was eager to go see Ruby.  I slowly moved away from Harry and got out of bed. I heard Harry mumble something but didn't move, I giggled at him. I walked into Ruby's room who was sleeping silently. "Ruby.." I whispered. "Ruby..." I said a little louder. She didn't budge. I then decided to jump on her bed. "Laura... What are you.. Get off!" Ruby grumbled. "I have news!!" I squealed. "What is it?" Ruby mumbled still half asleep. "I need your full attention first" I said as I plonked myself down, landing on her bed. "Okay, you have my full attention" She said sitting up to face me. "Me and Harry are together." I said hardly containing my excitement. "Wait.. Like together, together?!!" Ruby said shocked. "Yes, together, together. We made it official last night!" I said bouncing up and down on my bum. "Oh my gosh!! My best friend is dating Harry Styles!! I can't believe it!" Ruby squealed. We both stood up on her bed and jumped around while hugging. "I'm so happy, happier than ever." I said. "You deserve all the happiness in the world." Ruby replied. "Oh shush, don't make me cry." I said playfully. Ruby had always been there, we have been friends since kindergarten. We basically lived at each others homes, her parents became my parents and vice versa. She was there when my Mother developed depression, it was hard on my whole family but she stuck by me. And when my mother passed, she was with me twenty-four-seven, wiping every single tear that fell. Our friendship is more precious to me than anything. "So is Harry here then?" Ruby asked. "Yeah, he's in my room." I told her. "Laura! What happened?!" She asked cheekily. "Sleeping happened, that is all, I swear" I said back. "Okay, well I'm going to see him!" Ruby said, before i could stop her she ran out of the room, heading towards mine. I quickly chased after her, following her into my room. When I walked in I saw Ruby jumping on my bed and Harry almost falling out of bed. I immediately began laughing. "Harry! Good morning, now you better look after my Laura well, treat her like a princess and don't hurt her or I will hurt you worse." Ruby told him sternly. Harry let himself fall out of the bed and he stood up. He wasn't wearing a shirt which made Ruby send me a look, I stuck my tongue out at her and she giggled. "I wouldn't worry, she's a keeper" Harry said walking towards me and kissing me sweetly on the lips and then wrapping his arms around my waist. "You guys are too cute" Ruby said pouting. I giggled at her "Don't worry Rubes, you'll find your prince charming soon enough" I told her. "He actually might be closer than you think." Harry added. Me and Ruby both started at him in confusion. "What's that supposed to mean?" Ruby said confused. "A friend of mine sort of has a liking towards you, that's all I'm going to say." Harry said before quickly escaping to the bathroom. "Oh my gosh! I wonder who it is?!" Ruby said bouncing towards me. "I want to know!!" I said. "Well try get it out of Harry and then tell me okay?" Ruby said. I laughed and pushed her out of my room. "Get dressed and we will all go out for breakfast okay, and I'll get harry to invite one of your future boyfriends too" I said playfully before returning to my own room to get ready.

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