Sand, Tans and a British Boyband.

When two best friend's, Laura Gray and Ruby Smith decide to soak up the sun at Malibu beach, California for the Summer break they come across five attractive teenage boys.. Read on to find out what happens - Love? Heartbreak?

I'm sorry, but this series will not be continuing, I will leave the future of Laura, Harry, Ruby and Niall up to you. Let your minds wander and be free.
Thank you for reading.
I apologise again.


16. Mystery Crush

 Ruby's POV:

I walked back to my room to get ready. I showered and got dressed as quick as I could, applying a small amount of makeup. I thought about what Harry had just told me, It must be Niall, he's the only one who is single. I wasn't exactly sure how It felt about that, I mean Niall was a sweetheart and cute but I never thought of him as boyfriend material. I walked into the living room and leaned into the back of the couch with a arms folded across my chest. "Ready to go?" I heard Laura call as she appeared from the hallway. "Yeah" I said quietly. "Hey, are you alright Rubes?" Laura asked concerned. "Yeah, just thinking.." I said putting on a smile. "Don't think too hard about it, you'll get a headache" Laura said touching the tip of my nose. I laughed and threw my arm around her shoulder as we walked towards the door. "I'm driving!" Harry called out, appearing from the bedroom. He looked nice, wearing a maroon sweater, black jeans and his white chuck taylors. "Of course.." Laura said back, handing him his keys from the wooden table by the door. "Well let's go!" I said happily.

I sat in silence on the way to Starbucks  just thinking contently about Niall and what could happen. What if I'm wrong? What if he doesn't like me? What if I start developing feelings for him and I'm wrong? What if I am developing feelings for him? I sighed and let my head fall onto the car window. Laura noticed this time, she looked over the front passenger seat and gave me a funny look. "Cheer up kitten" Laura said quietly. I gave her a big cheesy smile and she poked her tongue out me. I giggled at her and turned away to look out the window. "Is she alright?" I heard Harry whisper to Laura. "She'll be fine" Laura whispered back. "I can hear you guys, you know" I said aloud. "I know" Harry joked, smiling widely in the rear-view mirror so I could see. I just pulled a face at him and rolled my eyes jokingly. He chuckled and returned to driving and playing with Laura's hand. They were so adorable together it hurt, but I was happy for Laura so I wasn't going to let jealously get the better of me. I giggled at Harry and Laura as I watched them sing along to a song playing on the radio, they were making up their own actions to it, looking completely crazy but the perfect couple.

"Hey look who's here" Louis called out as we walked through door. "Come sit!" Niall added. We all walked over to the booth they were sitting at and sat around the table. I noticed that Louis and Zayn had brought their girlfriends with them, they must have flown over last night. "Laura, Ruby, this is my girlfriend Eleanor" Louis said happily to me and Laura. "Hi there, it's lovely to meet you both" Eleanor said sweetly. "You too" I said kindly. "And this is Perrie, my girlfriend" Zayn added. "Nice to meet you" Perrie said politely. "Where's Liam?" Harry asked. "Oh, Him and Danielle seemed a bit off, they went out this morning to talk.." Niall said. "Oh, that's too bad" Harry said. "I wanted everyone to be here when I introduce you to my girlfriend." He added pulling Laura into his chest. "I knew it!" Louis called out. Everyone laughed and congratulated Harry and Laura. "I'm going to get a coffee" I said after awhile and stood up. "Any orders?" I asked before leaving the table. "Could you grab me a Mochacchino?" Laura asked me "Yeah sure, anyone else?" I said kindly. "I'll go up with you" Niall said, standing up quickly and following me towards the counter. I began to feel a little awkward. "What do you think about Laura and Haz?" Niall asked, breaking the silence after I ordered the coffees. "I think it's adorable, Laura seems really happy and she deserves it" I said as I admired the couple sitting huddled together playing with each-others hands. "Yeah, Harry seems really happy too" Niall said. "What about you.. I mean are you in a relationship?" Niall asked me quietly. "Me? Oh, no.." I said. "Oh, I'm surprised.." Niall said. "Well I guess the right person hasn't come along yet" I said. "Yeah, I think the right person for me has come along, I just don't know how she feels about me yet" Niall said, looking down at his feet. I felt terrible. "Give her time, maybe get to know her better and see where it takes you?" I said sweetly. "Yeah, I'll do that" Niall said looking hopeful.  "Here's your coffees miss" Said a young women from behind the counter. "Thank-you" I said before taking them from her and heading back to the table. "Here's your Mocha" I said, placing Laura's coffee on the table in front of her. "Thanks Rubes" She said happily, I smiled at her and returned to my own seat. Niall was making jokes with everyone and It was hard not to be amused by him, his bubbly personality, his accent, his laugh... his eyes... his hair.. I noticed what was going through my mind and thought for a moment. Maybe I did have feelings for Niall. 

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