Sand, Tans and a British Boyband.

When two best friend's, Laura Gray and Ruby Smith decide to soak up the sun at Malibu beach, California for the Summer break they come across five attractive teenage boys.. Read on to find out what happens - Love? Heartbreak?

I'm sorry, but this series will not be continuing, I will leave the future of Laura, Harry, Ruby and Niall up to you. Let your minds wander and be free.
Thank you for reading.
I apologise again.


25. Last Day All Together

Harry's Pov:

I couldn't sleep much, my mind was on Laura. I was totally confused as to why she was out in the city, drinking, alone. I slowly got myself out of bed and walked into the kitchen. I opened up the fridge and grabbed a water bottle from inside. I stood there and drank at least half of it before returning to the bedroom. I gently climbed into bed and snuggled in close to Laura, I watched her smile and breathe gently as she wrapped her arm around my waist and rested her head on my chest. I smiled and kissed her gently on the head before drifting to sleep myself.

Laura's Pov: 

I woke up nestled into Harry, I slowly sat up and stretched up to the ceiling. I yawned and slowly got myself out of bed, it was then that I realised that I had a killer hangover. I quickly lay back down in bed with my face in the pillow. I must have woken Harry up. "You feeling alright this morning love?" He asked me as he rubbed my back gently. "Could be worse I guess.." I mumbled back. "I'll be right back." He whispered and kissed my shoulder before leaving the room. He came back 20 minutes later with a smoothie for me. "Here, these are always good for hangovers.." He said. "Thanks.." I mumbled as I sat up and sipped it through a straw. I put it down on the bedside table, feeling a bit better already. Harry sat down on the end of the bed to face me. "I guess you'll want to know what I was doing last night.." I said. "Well.. Yeah.." He said, looking at the bed and then back to me. "To be honest, I don't really know what I was doing.. I went around to Liam's at about 11.. And... He... He was asleep." I lied. I couldn't tell Harry. "And I guess I wasn't tired so I thought I would go out and get a drink.." I said. "You walked an hour into the city to get a drink?" Harry asked confused. "Yeah.. Just one of those spur of the moment things.." I said. "Oh.. Okay.. Just next time, tell me and I'll come with you." He said. "Yeah.. I promise." I said with a smile. "Well anyway, it's a shame that you are hungover. Me and the lad's and all the girls are going sight seeing today, as it is our last day here in Malibu.." Harry added. "Shit! Really! Has it already been three weeks?" I asked surprised. "Yep it sure has.." He said chuckling. "Well count me in, I want to make the most of the time we have before you return to London without me.." I said dramatically. He chuckled. "Yeah, go get ready then.." He said shooing me off to the bathroom, "Okay, okay, okay!" I said giggling. I kissed him, not wanting to pull away. "I just thought of something else that could cure my hangover.." I said suggestively. He just smirked as I pulled him into the bathroom with me and locked the door.

Harry drove us to his hotel to meet the others before we left. I was a little nervous about seeing Liam but I wanted to apologize for being so harsh. I mean I shouldn't have really yelled at him. He can't be thinking straight with this whole ordeal with Danielle. We walked into the Lobby to see the them all sitting at the seating area. We walked over and greeted everyone. We all decided where would be going first, the Getty Villa. Me, Harry, Niall and Ruby were to go in Harry's Land Rover and the rest were going together in other cars. I walked with Ruby to the car while Niall and Harry joked around. "I'm glad that you're coming with us, feels like we haven't hung out in ages!" Laura said happily. "I know! Funny how things turn out.. Like we were coming here for a holiday together and we end up getting boyfriends and spending the whole time with them.." I said laughing. "Yeah, but I'm glad it did end up this way.." She replied happily. "Yeah, me too.." I said. We all climbed into the car, Ruby and Niall sitting next to each other in the back and me and Harry in the front. We played a big playlist of music on the way there, talking about anything and everything. I wished everything could be this easy. We pulled over into the carpark of the Getty Villa and got out to stretch. It was really beautiful here. We found a table outside and all sat there and waited for the others to show up. When they arrived we all went inside and looked around. It was very historic and interesting. But I just wanted to talk to Liam. He was idling about in the back. "I'm just going to check on Liam.." I said to Harry, he nodded and kissed me on the lips gently. I walked back to where Liam was. "Come with me.." I said. He nodded and followed me out to the table where I sitting at earlier. "Laura.." Liam started but I cut him off. "No Liam.. I need to apologize. I shouldn't have reacted that way, I shouldn't have stormed out and broken your heart even more, I'm sorry.. I just didn't see it coming. And I freaked out.." I said. "I'm the one who should be sorry, I didn't mean for this to happen.." he said looking at me contently. "It's okay, but I just don't want what happened to affect the relationship between you and Harry.. You have the band to think about as well . So that's why Harry can't find out." I told him. "You haven't told him?" Liam asked. "No and It needs to stay that way, okay?" I said. "Okay.. But I need to say something.." Liam said. "Go ahead.." I told him. "I was thinking long and hard about it last night.. And I think that this might just be a rebound.. Maybe. I don't know.. I don't know what to do. So I think I should keep my distance for a while."  Liam said sadly. "I think that would be a good idea Liam. Besides, you'll be going back to London tomorrow and you'll be busy with the album and I won't be there. Not for a few more weeks.." I said. "Yeah.. I forgot you were staying longer.." Liam said. "Yeah, I'm heading over to LA  with Ruby for a few weeks and then we will be back home too.." I said. "Well I guess that's good.. for us." Liam said still looking disappointed. "You have to know that there is never going to be an 'us'.." I said. "Just friends.. I get it." He said looking at his hands which were folded on the table. "That's right.." I said quietly. "Well let's go back in.. we don't want to miss out!" I said encouragingly.  "Yeah.. I guess..." Liam said as he stood up slowly and followed me back inside.

Harry's Pov:

"What am I going to do without you.." I said as we walked into his hotel room after our busy day of sightseeing. "I suppose you'll just have to keep yourself entertained until I get back.." She said cheekily. "Promise you'll skype me every night?" I asked her. "Promise.." She said happily. I smiled and kissed her passionately but then something popped into my mind. "I know what we can do tonight!" I said. "I knew you would say that.." She said playfully. "No.. not that, well we can do that later.." I said with a wink. "We still haven't gone out a dropped water balloons off that building.." I added. "Oh! Let's do it!" She said excitedly. Without getting changed we left the room and headed down to the ground floor. We got into my land rover and began to drive towards the city. "So where are we going to get the water balloons from?" Laura asked me. "I saw this prank store when I was driving around looking for you last night, so they should have them" I said. I looked over to her and she had her head turned away, looking down. "Sorry.. I shouldn't have brought that up?" I asked confused but sympathetically. "No, I'm not upset.." She said half smiling at me. I decided to drop it and continued driving. I finally found the store I was looking for and pulled over into the carpark. "Do you want to come in?" I asked. "Um, no i'll just wait here.." She said. "Okay, I'll be about 10 minutes..." I said. I got out of the car and walked into the store. I didn't notice the petite  brunette girl behind the counter until she squealed. "Oh my gosh!!! Are you..? Oh my gosh it is you!!! You're Harry Styles!!" She squealed with a massive smile on her face. I chuckled and walked up to her. "That would be me, nice to meet a fan." I said. She walked around the counter and I noticed she was shaking profusely. I gave her a tight hug. "Um.. Can I have a photo?" She asked. "Of course." I said. She pulled out her white iphone and put it up in the air to face us. I smiled and she took the photo but it came out blurry as she was still shaking. ""Here.. Let me take it.." I said. I took the phone from here, took a clear picture and handed the phone back to her. "Th- Thank-you.." She said, in shock. "That's fine.. anyway I was wondering if you sell water balloons here?" I asked. "Oh um, yes! We do, I will show you our selection.." She said and quickly walked down one of the small aisles. "These are all we have.." She said. I looked around at the different type and picked some. "These will do." I said. "Okay.." She said still shaking. I walked up to the counter and handed them to her. She managed to scan them and I gladly payed for them. "Thanks love.." I said as she put the water balloons in a bag and handed it to me. "One more thing.. What's your twitter?" I asked. She froze. "Um it's alliecarter_044" She said. "Thanks!" I said happily and walked out. I decided I would tweet her and say what great service she provided considering she was a big fan.

I got back into the car and put the bag of water balloons on the back seat  "Got them?" Laura asked. "Yeah, now we just have to find a tap to fill them up.." I said. "I saw a park not far from here, maybe they have taps there?" Laura suggested. "Okay, let's have a look." I said. Thankfully the park did have a tap and I filled up all 24 of the water balloons. We put them all carefully back in the bag and Laura nursed them all gently on her lap until we arrived at the building we planned to drop them off, luckily the street was busy with swarms of city life people bustling around. We walked into the building and pleaded that they would let us use the balcony  Since they knew who I was they gladly let us. We took the elevator up the second floor and walked out onto the balcony. I grabbed out one from the bag and Laura did the same. "Ready.. on three." I started. "One... Two... Three!!" Laura cheered and we both dropped our water balloons and watched them as they fell to the ground. Mine hit the pavement just missing a large man. And Laura's hit  a young woman who was clearly really drunk and ran away screaming that it was raining aggressively. We both were laughing hysterically as we watched peoples reactions, some would look up and we would quickly duck and some would blame the person behind them. Once we had no balloons left we just sat and watched the moon. "Are you excited for your tour?" Laura asked breaking the calm silence. "Yeah, it's going to be fun, but tiring.." I said. "I'll be there to keep you awake.." Laura said jokingly. I laughed. "I'm glad you decided to come with me.. I wouldn't be able to do it without you there.." I said honestly. "Aw, would you miss me too much?" She asked playfully. "Yeah.. And don't judge me.. You would miss me just as much.." I said. "You're right.. I would.." She admitted. "let's go back.. I'm tired.." Laura added. "I hope you're not too tired.." I said playfully. "Better get me home and we'll see.." She said and kissed me cheekily on the lips. Oh how I love her.

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