Sand, Tans and a British Boyband.

When two best friend's, Laura Gray and Ruby Smith decide to soak up the sun at Malibu beach, California for the Summer break they come across five attractive teenage boys.. Read on to find out what happens - Love? Heartbreak?

I'm sorry, but this series will not be continuing, I will leave the future of Laura, Harry, Ruby and Niall up to you. Let your minds wander and be free.
Thank you for reading.
I apologise again.


19. I Love You

Laura's POV: 

We walked into the Hotel where Harry was staying, entering through the back because there was an abundance of screaming fans out the front who were clearly waiting for a glimpse of one of the boys, it made me feel kinda good knowing Harry was mine. As soon as we got into the elevator Harry began kissing me passionately, moving down my neck. The elevator doors opened and Harry picked me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist and he carried me down the hallway. Harry kept me in his arms as he managed to unlock his door to his room. "Sorry! Didn't mean to disturb you two" I heard Louis call out from behind us. Harry put me down and we both turned around. "Don't mind me" Louis said again with a smirk and continued walking to his room. Harry chuckled and pulled me inside, he picked me up and carried me to his room. He put me gently on the bed and kissed me deeply. I wasn't sure about this before but I know it's what I wanted now. I helped him pull of his shirt and he helped me take off mine. I was glad I put on my black, lace matching lingerie on. He slipped off his jeans and I quickly slid off my skirt. He went back to kissing my neck, down my body, I played with his hair as he went. He un-clipped my bra threw it across the room. I giggled and wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling myself up to kiss him. Before I knew it we were both completely naked, and it was about to happen. "Harry.." I began. "What's wrong babe?" he asked still kissing my neck. "This is actually my first time." I said quietly. He just nodded and kissed me sweetly on the lips. And then It happened. He pushed inside me, going slowly for awhile until we got into a rhythm we were both comfortable with, It felt so good. I let out little gasps of pleasure. Once he pulled out he kissed me gently and snuggled into bed with me. 

I woke up the next morning with Harry wrapped around me tightly. I smiled at the thought of last night. He was perfect and treated me like I always wanted. I heard Harry grumble and wake up slowly, I turned to face him. "Morning gorgeous" He mumbled to me and kissed my on the forehead. "I love you" I quickly blurted out. Shit I thought. But it's true, even only after a few short days, I am in-love with this boy. He looked surprised but then he smiled. "I love you too" He whispered and kissed me sweetly on the lips. "What are we going to do today?" I asked him. "Whatever you want to do" He said. "I want to hang out with everyone today, maybe all of us should go down to the beach? It would be good for Liam to get out and about, and it might give Niall and Ruby a chance to spend some time together?" I suggested. "Yeah, good idea babe." Harry said. "I'll text Ruby now" I said. "Shit, I forgot to tell her where I was last night!" I exclaimed, running to my bag to get my phone. 4 missed calls and 5 messages. Great. I quickly called her. "Laura! Oh thank god, I thought you'd been kidnapped or something! Wait.. why am I happy. Why didn't you answer my calls and texts??!!" Ruby said sternly. "I'm sorry! I spent the night at Harry's hotel and I forgot to tell you. Will you forgive me?" I pleaded. "Okay, fine. I forgive you." She said. "Great because we're all going to the beach today!" I said happily. "Everyone?" She asked. "Everyone." I confirmed. "We'll pick you up in an hour. Bye!" I said quickly as Harry lifted me off the and was kissing at my neck. "Really Harry?" I asked. "It's so hard to get my hands off you." He said. I laughed and made him put me down. "I'm showering alone and then we're going to my hotel so I can get my stuff and pick up Ruby, okay?" I said. "Okay, I'll go tell the lads about today then" He said. He kissed me before going to get changed. I had a quick shower and got dressed. I walked into Harry's kitchen. He didn't really have anything appetizing so I decided to go see Liam.  There was a security guard in the hallway and since I had no idea who's room belonged to Liam I thought I'd ask him. "Hi, um could you please tell me which room Liam's in?" I asked politely. "Who are you?" He grumbled. "I'm Laura, Harry's girlfriend" I said. "Haven't seen you around before." He said. "I came here last night with Harry, I just want to say hi to Liam quickly, please?" I asked convincingly. "Third door on the right." He said. "Thanks!" I cheered before walking to Liam's room. I knocked on the door and waited. "Laura.. Hey" Liam said when he opened the door. "Can I come in?" I asked. "Sure" I walked in and sat down on the couch, Liam sat down beside me. He looked a mess. "How have you been coping?" I asked. "You know, getting there. Slowly but surely." He said. "Well I'm glad to hear it because you are coming to the beach today with Me, Ruby and all the Lads" I said cheerfully. "Yeah, Harry texted me. I not sure if I'm up for it." I said hesitantly. "Oh of course you are! You're on holiday! Save the sorrows for a rainy day." I told him. "Well... I guess I could-" He started. "Great! Go shower and get dressed and I will come back for you in 20 minutes." I said standing up and heading towards the door. He smiled and walked to his room. "Oh there you are" I heard Harry call out as I closed the door behind me entering the hallway. "I was just getting Liam motivated, he'll be reading in 20 minutes" I said. "Good, everyone else is getting ready too." Harry said. "We can go pick up Ruby and get your things now, the lads are going in another car together" Harry added. "Okay, let's go then" I said happily.

"Hey Rubes" I called out as I walked inside my hotel room with Harry behind me. "Hey!" She called out, appearing from her room to greet me. "Did you two have fun last night?" She said cheekily. "Shut up Ruby" I said, glaring at her. She just laughed. "I'm going to get changed and grab some stuff and then we will go" I said. "Okay, I'm ready when you are" Ruby said. I walked to my room with Harry behind me. I got changed into my bikini and put my denim shorts on with my favourite white singlet. I just put my grey toms on and put my hair up in a messy bun. "I'm ready" I said. "That was so interesting, watching you get ready that quick but you still look amazing" Harry said. "Oh gosh, really Harry?" I said. I grabbed the tissue box that was sitting on the bedside table and threw it at him. "Guess I saw that coming.." He said. I just laughed and him and kissed him sweetly on the lips. "Let's go.." I whispered and ran out with Harry behind me.

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