Sand, Tans and a British Boyband.

When two best friend's, Laura Gray and Ruby Smith decide to soak up the sun at Malibu beach, California for the Summer break they come across five attractive teenage boys.. Read on to find out what happens - Love? Heartbreak?

I'm sorry, but this series will not be continuing, I will leave the future of Laura, Harry, Ruby and Niall up to you. Let your minds wander and be free.
Thank you for reading.
I apologise again.


10. He Caused This Smile

Ruby's POV:

It was almost midnight, I wasn't worried about Laura, she'd be fine with Harry, I giggled at the thought of what they could be doing but I knew Laura wouldn't go that far on the first date. I was just about to head to bed when I heard the door shut loudly. "Laura!" I squealed. "Hey Rubes!" She cheered back. "Tell me it all, every little detail!" I told her while bouncing up and down infront of her.

Laura's POV:

I looked back at Harry and smiled as I walked towards my hotel, I walked inside and pressed the up button on the elevator. As soon as I stepped in the elevator I giggled to myself, I had just experienced the best night of my life. I really hope he calls again. 

"Laura!!" I heard Ruby yell from inside somewhere as I shut the front door. "Hey Rubes!" I said back as she came bouncing over to me. "Tell me it all, every little detail!" She squealed and dragged me to her bed. We both lay down and i kicked off my heels with a sigh of relief, they were killing me. "So!" Ruby suggested. "Well he took to me this cute little Italian restaurant, and it was so romantic, which was cute." I said. "Aaawh! What did you guys talk about?" Ruby asked. "Well mostly about his life, we did talk about me too though.. I uh told him about my mum.." I said, hesitating on the last part. "Oh.. how did he respond to that?" Ruby said back, while moving closer to me to comfort me. "He was so sweet. He kissed my hand and told me that she must have been just as beautiful as me." I said. "Aw, he's a gentleman" Ruby giggled. "Yeah he is" I smiled. "Well keep going!" Ruby protested. "Well afterwards we went for a walk and found a private little beach. We sat and watched the calm sea. It was really nice..." I said. "Uh huh, anything else happen?!" Ruby added in a silly tone. "Well.. we made out a bit" I whispered with a laugh. "Oh my god! I knew it. Is he a good kisser?" Ruby gasped. "He is the best kisser ever." I said. We both started laughing. 

After a few more minutes of talking I decided to go shower and go to bed. "Night Ruby, sweet dreams" I called out as I left her room. "Night Mrs. Styles" She called back. I giggled and shook my head. I climbed into bed after my nice hot and relaxing shower and checked my phone. There was a text from Harry, I quickly unlocked my phone to read it. "Sweet dreams my gorgeous (: xx" It said. I got butterflies instantly. I caught myself smiling widely and bit my lip, he caused this smile. I locked my phone, reached over the side of my bed and put it on charge. Then I sunk deeper into my bed and drifted off almost instantly.


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