Sand, Tans and a British Boyband.

When two best friend's, Laura Gray and Ruby Smith decide to soak up the sun at Malibu beach, California for the Summer break they come across five attractive teenage boys.. Read on to find out what happens - Love? Heartbreak?

I'm sorry, but this series will not be continuing, I will leave the future of Laura, Harry, Ruby and Niall up to you. Let your minds wander and be free.
Thank you for reading.
I apologise again.


21. Couldn't Wait

 As we were packing up and putting everything in the car Ruby walked over to me. "I'm going back to Niall's tonight, so the hotel room is all yours" She said happily. "Oh, have fun then!" I said cheekily. She just laughed and hugged me goodnight. "Hey Niall! Make sure to use protection eh?" Harry yelled out. "Shut up Harry" He yelled back. Everyone laughed. I shoved Harry. "What?" He said playfully. "Leave them alone.." I told him. "I was just giving him a heads up. Harry said. "Whatever you say..". We all said out goodbyes and got in the car to head back to my hotel. Harry couldn't keep his hands off me, he kept rubbing my leg and leaning over to kiss my neck. Instead of telling him off I thought that I could play at this game. I began to rub him gently and I could feel him getting hard. Harry somehow found a deserted car park and pulled over. He pulled me onto him and began to kiss me hard. "You just couldn't wait could you.." I said with a seductive tone. "Nope." He said. He started kissing down my neck, I leaned back into the steering wheel, accidentally causing the car horn to beep. "Back seat?" Harry suggested. I just nodded and climbed over, with Harry right behind me. He quickly pulled of my clothes and loosened my bikini strap until it came off completely. Before I knew we were both naked. Harry was getting a a little impatient but he loosened me anyway. Then he pushed it in me. He got to a steady pace almost immediately, I let out little gasps of pleasure and gently clawed at the back. It felt so much better than it did last night. When Harry was done, he bit his lip hard and pulled out. I climbed on top and him and kissed him gently as we both caught our breath. "I love you" He whispered. "I love you too" I whispered back. "Sex in a car, done" Harry said proudly. I just laughed. We both awkwardly got dressed in the back and then got back into the front seats. By the time we got inside my hotel room Harry was ready to go again and I was too. He picked me up and threw me on the bed. We both got undressed quickly and without loosening me first Harry pushed it in me.

The next morning when I woke up I stretched out for Harry's warm skin but there was only and empty space. I sat up into the smell of delicious food coming from the kitchen. I smiled at the thought of Harry making me breakfast. I stood up and wrapped the thin white sheet around my body. I walked into the kitchen to see Harry cooking pancakes and bacon on the stove wearing only his boxers. I leaned against the kitchen cupboards, Harry noticed me and turned around. "Morning babe" He said as he walked over to me and lifted my off the ground. I smiled and wrapped my legs around his waist. He gently kissed me on the lips and set me down on the kitchen counter. He kissed me and few more times before walking back to the stove to continue cooking. "Smells good" I said. "Just thought I'd be a gentlemen and make my lady breakfast." He said looking back at me with a smirk. "How sweet" I said. I watched him happily as he plated up the food. I went to sit down but Harry quickly stopped me. "Hold on.." He said as he picked me up on the counter and moved me over to one of the barstools at the breakfast bar. He then kissed me on the nose and went to grab the plate of food, placing it in front of me. I began eating immediately, I was starving. Harry sat down beside me and started eating too. I decided that now would be a good time to bring up the whole tour thing. "So, Eleanor told me about the tour yesterday.." I began. "Oh yeah. I was going to talk to you about that..." He said. "Oh.." I replied. Not quite knowing what to say. "I was thinking maybe you could come with me? On tour that is.. I don't think I could handle being away from you for that long..." He said. I smiled with relief that he wasn't going to leave me. He want to be with me. "I would love to come" I said happily. "Great, I was hoping you'd say that." He smiled and kissed me sweetly.

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