Do you love me?

Your mom is dead
What no no no!!!! She can't be I loved her!
You'll need to live with some family I'm sorry
I packed all my stuff and started walking in ye neighborhood I fell asleep on the bench while it was raining and I'm soaking wet! But I don care I just want sleep and peace.
I woke up and started walking and I walked right past Niall horan and he stopped me.


4. The Phone Call


Jasmine's P.O.V 


I got into my swimsuit and met Niall outside who was waiting for me so patiently.

"Hi Niall "

Oh hi did you find your swimsuit? he said

"Yeah I did thank you."

Your welcome, ok well let's get in ok he said.


I took the towel off that was around me and I was just about to get in when Niall picked me up and he jumped in while holding me! 

"Haha why did you do that"?

Because I wanted to and to make you laugh.! he said.

"Well you did and it was fun to but also shocking"!

Hahah he laughed.

well after we swim do you wanna go see a movie? Or go ice skating first he said.

"Oooo I always wanted to go ice skating so ice skating first ok"?

Ok he said.

Why is Niall being so sweet to me he's like a ball of joy and happiness he made it seem like when he found me I made him happier I really don't think that I did. After about 30minutes we got out the pool to get dressed. I put on some shorts and a regular baby blue shirt that said hope joy laughter. I walked downstairs to see Niall standing there. 

"Ok I'm ready how about you Niall"?

Yup Im ready lets go. he said.

We drove to the ice skating rink which was nice inside and nice and cool because outside was way to hot for me. We got our shoes on and started to walk toothe ice.

"Hey niall by the way I can't ice skate."

 That's ok just hold onto me and I'll help you. he said

" *blushes* haha ok but don't let me go!"

I won't I promise my princess. he said.

*blushes* He called me his princess that's so sweet. We ice skated for at least 10 minutes until my phone ranged.


Hi darling she said.

"Who's this?"

It's your aunt Madison and uncle Jacob. she said.

"Umm hi?"

Where are you at? she said.

"I'm at a friends house ( I couldn't really tell them)."

Well we are at the house and it has a note on there saying for sale what's this all about? She said.

"I'm sorry but you got the wrong number goodbye!"

"Niall! We gotta get out of here now!"

 What why is everything ok? He said.

"No I'll explain it to you on the way back home!"

Oh ok? he said.


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