Do you love me?

Your mom is dead
What no no no!!!! She can't be I loved her!
You'll need to live with some family I'm sorry
I packed all my stuff and started walking in ye neighborhood I fell asleep on the bench while it was raining and I'm soaking wet! But I don care I just want sleep and peace.
I woke up and started walking and I walked right past Niall horan and he stopped me.


11. Phone Call

Jasmine's P.O.V

I woke up in the hospital and Niall was sleeping on the chair. I walked up to him and kissed him "Niall wake up."

huh Jasmine your up?

"Yes I am thank you for ca-"

He grabbed me and sat me on his lap and kissed me.

Jasmine I missed you so much! I didnt protect you like I said I would.

"No no no no Niall you protect me enough already thats why I love you." 

Thank you now lets take you back home the doctor said you can come home now.



We was driving home and I saw cops everywhere all around my house but we just drove past it and went home.

WERE HOME! Naill shouted.

Everyone came and hugged me.

JASMINE! OOHHH! we missed you so much we are glad your safe!

"Thank you for caring." 

No problem ! Do you need anything they all said. "no thank you."

I looked next to me and I saw Harry, Liam, Zayn, and Louis come towards me they all gave me a hug. Liam gave me a stuffed bear.

"Thank you."

I heard the rain come and it started to rain hard. Thats when I got the phone call.

It said un know but ill answer it.


Jasmine my love.

"Who is this?"

Its your mum.

My eyes lit up so bright everyone stared at me I started to cry.


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