Do you love me?

Your mom is dead
What no no no!!!! She can't be I loved her!
You'll need to live with some family I'm sorry
I packed all my stuff and started walking in ye neighborhood I fell asleep on the bench while it was raining and I'm soaking wet! But I don care I just want sleep and peace.
I woke up and started walking and I walked right past Niall horan and he stopped me.


5. Knock On Door

Jasmine's P.O.V 

Omg I can't believe my aunt and uncle are at the house no! They are gonna find out that my mom died and they are gonna take me and be drunks as usual im not dealing with that! I have a feeling Niall wouldn't let them take me. I really am in love with Niall at the moment he's so cute when he eats to much hahah. "Niall hurry up and let's get back to your place and we need to close all the blinds and lock all the doors I can't have them take me!"

Who is gonna take you what's going on Jasmine? he said.

"Oh I'm sorry it seems that I haven't told you." 

no you haven't so tell me please?he said.

"Ok well the reason why I was walking in the rain at night last night was because my mom died yesterday in England and I knew I couldn't afford the house payment so I left and took some stuff with me I also put a note on the door saying call this number of you wanna buy this house." "And it seems that my aunt and uncle came to visit but they are alcoholics and they would abuse me no matter what an I can't go with them to live they came over 5 days ago and they kicked me in the stomach and tried to drown me in the sink was hard for me to lie to my mom because they said they would kill me if I told my mom so I didn't."


Ohhh wow I promise one thing to you and that is I will protect you and I won't let them take you at any cause! He said.


"Thank you."


 We was driving home and drove by my house which I hid under the window and stayed like that until we got back to the house. Nialls mom was home.



mum I was ice skating with jasmine didn't I tell you? he said.


Oh yeah sorry sweetie. she said.


it's ok mum but I need to tell you something very important jasmines uncle and aunt are at her house and they are abusive her mom died yesterday and she has no one to live with her aunts and uncle are gonna take her if they find out. He said.


My phone started to ring again and I answered it 


"Who's this?"

"My aunt and uncle?"

"I think you got the wrong number I'm sorry."

"It's ok It sound like jasmine."?

"hahah well my name is Ashley sorry."

"Ok bye."

A tear rolled down my face.

Niall's P.O.V


 I saw a tear go down jasmine's face and I was upset so I came and hugged her.  "Jasmine it will be ok I want let them take you, your gonna live with us for now on." I kissed the top of her forehead. And then I heard a knock on the door, jasmine jumped up!" But I didn't let her go at all I made her stay in my arms while my mom got the door, we ran upstairs to my room before she answered the door and I locked the door."

hello? my mum said.

hi do you know who Jasmine is? The lady said.

oh no I'm sorry I just live with my kid Niall its just me and him right now why has she gone missing? my mum said.

we don't really know if she doesn't show up in 2 more days we will probably go back home. The lady said.

maybe she's at a friends house why don't you look there ok? my mum said.

yea ok thank you! the lady said.

your welcome are the last words i heard my mum said.

" Uh no Jasmine they may think your missing!"

No no no! I'm not missing i can't let them file a missing report! she said.

"Ok well just sleep with me so I know you safe ok?" I have to sleep with you? she said.

"Yes I wanna know your safe"

Ok *She blushes*

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