Do you love me?

Your mom is dead
What no no no!!!! She can't be I loved her!
You'll need to live with some family I'm sorry
I packed all my stuff and started walking in ye neighborhood I fell asleep on the bench while it was raining and I'm soaking wet! But I don care I just want sleep and peace.
I woke up and started walking and I walked right past Niall horan and he stopped me.


2. I Found You


Jasmine's P.O.V                                                                                                                              

After that night I couldn't sleep I was up thinking of my mom that whole time I miss her soo much what am I gonna do I lied to the cop saying I have family I can live with but the truth is my family is abusive only because they drink non stop! Also they don't live in California like I do for the ones that don't drink.

Melanie and Stacy came over later that day but I didn't tell them what happened because I wanna figure all this mess out by my self I don't want them to worry at all.

 JASMINE JASMINE! Stacy was calling my name.

"Huh oh yeah sorry what was you saying"?

 I said I want to buy some one direction concert tickets I really wanna meet them! So if I baught them would you two go? Stacy said.

"Yes of course Stacy we wouldn't leave you hanging".

Thank you Stacy's phone rings I'll be right back she said.

 It's probably her dad saying why haven't you done the dishes yet hahah Melanie said.

"Yeah haha :)"

Stacy came back and said to us.

Sorry about that I have to go do the dishes and go to my grandmas tomorrow so I'll see you when I get back and Melanie come on I'm driving you home remember you have to go to Delware to go see family for a week? Stacy said.

oh yeah ok well bye Jasmine we will see you in about a week ok Melanie said.

"Yup ok bye have fun".

"Wow a week without my friends who am i gonna talk to no wait more importantly who is gonna pay for this house bill"!

*night time*

Night time came around quite fast I didn't expect it to be here so soon! I was about to go to bed when I made up my mind I'm gonna pack and leave this house! I ran upstairs and packed up all my stuff in like 3 bags that could go on y shoulders to carry which was much easier because I had to get some stuff from my moms room that I wanted to keep. I got all the stuff I wanted so I got my keys and locked the door all the doors so no one can come in I put a note on the door saying house for sell call this number to ask to buy.I was device stated that I had to leave but I have to.

I started to walk through the neighborhood and it started to rain I didnt care because I was already sad enough and the rain just was like another add on to my sadness. I was soaking wet and so was my bags all wet! I might catch a cold but I'll be fine. I saw a bench and I sat on it and laid down and went to sleep all soaking wet and coughing.

Niall's P.O.V

"Good morning mother wow it was raining pretty hard out there I hope everyone was inside"! "Mum while you cook I'm gonna go outside and get some fresh air ok"?

Ok be careful She said.

"Ok mum".

I walked outside and it was a little bit cloudy but nice and warm though I turned my head and saw this girl walking she was like soaking wet and she had about 5 bags with her? I walked up to her and said. "are you ok"?

huh oh yeah I'm fine she said.

"You don't look fine please come in my house to get warm"! 

no no I couldn't she said .

"when she looked up at me her eyes sparkled with a pretty color of green".

"She probably said"  (omg that's niall horan!)



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