Do you love me?

Your mom is dead
What no no no!!!! She can't be I loved her!
You'll need to live with some family I'm sorry
I packed all my stuff and started walking in ye neighborhood I fell asleep on the bench while it was raining and I'm soaking wet! But I don care I just want sleep and peace.
I woke up and started walking and I walked right past Niall horan and he stopped me.


1. My Lost


Jasmine's P.O.V

I woke up to a beautiful summer morning knowing that nothing could go wrong today. Im 17 years old and I live with my only parent which is my mom my dad died in war. My best friends are Melanie and Stacy they help me with a lot of stuff ever since my dads death.

I walked downstairs to get some breakfast and I forgot that my mom was now in England probably she said she would call me when she has gotten to her hotel. I made some waffles and put some syrup on it and ate it my phone started to ring hello?

"Oh hey Stacy how are you?" "You want me to hang out with you and Melanie?"

"Hahaha ok sure I'd love to just give me a minute to change and I will come right outside to hang out with you guys ok"?

"Ok bye". I hanged up the phone and placed it on the table.

I ran upstairs to change into some blue demin shorts and a white tank top to match its way to hot to be going outside in a regular shirt and some pants. I ran back downstairs to get my phone and the keys to the house and ran out the door and locked it. I met up with Melanie and Stacy did I mention that they are fans of one direction well they love them!

"Hey guys"

Hey!!!!! They all said.

"Ok so what should we do?"

Wanna go watch that new movie that's out I got money? Melanie said.

"Yeah that sounds great lets go"."After the movie was over us 3 went to the mall and I bought some vans because I needed some shoes but they also baught me a Shirt that said what's love on it I thought it was very nice of them they didn't have to buy it for me but they insisted they did.

I looked up to see the clouds and wow it's getting dark it seems that it's about to storm maybe? I walked into the house and once I closed it and put my keys down I hear a knock on the door and I went to see who it was it was the police?

Police P.O.V

"Hello mam are you Jasmine Jason"? 

Yes I am why? She said.

"We are sorry mam but your mother had died in a car accident in London when she was trying to drive to her hotel".

 NO!...NO NO NO NO NO you have to be wrong ! No!!! She isn't gone! .......SHE HAS TO BE HERE!!!....*crys* .....I need her! She broke down crying.

"Mam do you have anyone to live with"? "Family Friends"? I do she said.

"Ok well we are sorry for your lost so we advise you to go live with them for now".

"..ok is the last thing she said and we drove off".






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