Its only you

Please no hate! It's my first try


2. Waking up

When I opened my eyes I was in a hotel room surrounded by 6 people. I scanned the room. Louis said " are you alright love?" I just shook my head, I couldn't bring out any words. Next Kayla spoke" hey you took quite a trample and don't worry I texte mom saying we were going to be gone this weekend.i shook my head but why couldn't I talk? I felt where my lip was and it was swollen.oh that's great, I thought to myself, I'm meeting one direction and can't talk.then Harry said " don't worry even though your bruised, your still beautiful." I managed to get out a giggle. Kayla and Niall locked eyes and looked like they were off in there own land so I didn't bother them. I had fallen asleep and was crashed for the rest of the day.
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