In The Streets of Madrid

Salma & Valeria are just two normal college girls on a trip to Spain. But when Salma reencounters a certain boy, who just so happens to be in a world famous boy band that broke her heart before, will her heart suddenly take a turn? Will he make the same mistakes as before, which ended it all?


7. Chapter 6


Josh's POV

I sat up in bed smiling like an idiot. I felt like I haven't seen or heard from Salma in ages.

Which is kind of true, we haven't really spoken all that much, since the boys have been touring around the world.

We tried keeping in touch at the beginning of the tour but I guess it became too much for her with school & the time zones.

Oh & the fact that she never wanted to hear or speak to Niall ever again.


I was backstage prepping before the concert, when I heard a door open loudly. I looked up to see Salma storm out of Niall's dressing room with teary eyes.

"Salma wait!" Niall yelled after her.

She just kept walking on & ignored him.

I looked at Niall who just stood there pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration.

"What the hell happened, man?" I asked him.

"I sorta may have just broken up with Salma" he said quickly

"What?!" I exclaimed incredulously.

"I don't know...agh..." he sighed

I just shook my head at him in disbelief & ran after her.

I finally caught up to her by the exit. I grabbed her hand & pulled her into my arms.

She sobbed into my chest, while I cradled her in my arms & kissed her forehead.

"Wanna talk about it?" I cooed

She shook her head vigoursly from side to side, & looked up at me. Her usual big dark brown, almost black, eyes were now red & puffy from crying.

"I just need to be alone right now Josh, ok?" she said.

I nodded while hugging her tightly once more & she glanced up at me. I wiped the tears from her face & she struggled a smile.

I really care about Salma she's my best friend & it hurts me to see her like this.

I held her for a little while longer, but she slowly pulled away & I watched her leave.


I dismissed the thoughts from my head & climbed out of bed to go get ready.


Salma's POV

I’m sitting at a table outside the cafe, with a pounding headache, rubbing my temples.

"Hello, can I get you something to drink?" a waiter asks

"Yeah, can I get like 3 glasses of orange juice please?"

He looks at me as if I’ve gone mental.

"Uh, of course ma'am" he says taking note of it & walks off.

I sit back in my chair & let out a sigh. My phone buzzes & I check it.

Devineee: Be there in 5 ok? x

I quickly respond & set my phone down.

The waiter sets my drinks down & I murmur a quick "Gracias"

I finish the first glass in 10 seconds flat & start on the second glass.

"Don't you think you should slow down there?" I hear an all too familiar voice & automatically smile.

I look up & there standing in front of me was the sexiest looking guy ever. I feel my mouth drop open.


Well damn... hello there Devine long time no see. He's gotten taller & muscular, his light brown hair brushes his forehead.

"What I don't get a hello?" he asks opening his arms.

I quickly close my mouth & get up to hug him.

His strong, firm arms grasp my waist tightly while I lock my arms around him.

Wow. I swear if we weren't in public I would've jumped on him & ripped off his clothe- NO STOP. What are you thinking, he's your best friend?!

I pull away slowly & stare at him.

"What?" he smirks

"Nothing, it's just so strange seeing you after so long." I shrug nonchalantly

"I know! You look good." he says winking then sits down.

"Well, you don't look so shabby yourself." I add sitting down.

I lied. He looked so yumm- STOP. Remember you're here to talk to him. But look at his eyes they're so perfect & the way he's smiling.

"So what's up with all the orange juice" he asks pointing at the empty glasses

"Long story" I mumble under my breath.

"Well you better start now baby, cause I've got all the time in the world" he says leaning back in his chair.

I felt my cheeks light up when he called me baby. Why am I acting like this? Ay dios mio.

I've never acted like this around him before, well except when I was crushing oh him. But I was like 14 & that was just a phase & I'm over it.

"So are you gonna tell me what's up or not?" Josh asks snapping me out of my thoughts

I smile & explain to him about how I got drunk last night that Niall probably saw how ridiculous I was acting. I told him how I was still mad at Niall & for what happened a while back.

That's when the memories came flooding back, the good & bad ones. I felt the tears pricking at my eyes.

I tried my best to hold them back, but I felt one fall down my cheek.

"Are you crying?" Josh asks me scooting his chair closer to mine.

"No" I shake my head looking away.

He takes my glasses off.

"Yes you are!" he exclaims

He takes my hand in his & grabs it.
With the other he wipes my tear away.

"Salma please don't cry," he says softly "trust me, you're a beautiful you deserve a guy who will treat you right & love you to the moon & back" he adds smiling "

I gaze into his eyes, his beautiful eyes, that I could just get lost in. My eyes move down to his lips they look so soft.

I can feel my heart start pounding faster in my chest, as he starts to get closer & lean in.

"Salma?!" someone exclaims

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