In The Streets of Madrid

Salma & Valeria are just two normal college girls on a trip to Spain. But when Salma reencounters a certain boy, who just so happens to be in a world famous boy band that broke her heart before, will her heart suddenly take a turn? Will he make the same mistakes as before, which ended it all?


5. Chapter 5

Salma's POV It rings twice & I hear a familiar voice on the other line. "Hello?" He answers tiredly & I wonder why? Oh yeah, it's only 8:30 am.  

He was never a morning person just like I’m not. I laugh, no wonder we got along so well?!  

"Hey Devine," I smirk "long time no talk?" I say smugly  

"Wait, who is this?" he asks  

Typical Josh he was too lazy to even check the caller ID, I just shake my head.  

"Aw, you forgot me already Joshie?" I asked him pretending to be hurt.  

"Salma!" his voice instantly perks up  

"Well it took you long enough!" I laughed at him  

"Sorry I was just sleeping,” he yawned “how you have been?" he asked  

"I've been well.... just hanging around Madrid..." I say putting emphasis on Madrid  

"Holy shit, you're in Spain?!" he asked excitedly  

I laughed at how much of a little kid he sounded like.

"We're in Madrid too!" he exclaimed into the phone  

"Can I ask you something?" I asked softly biting my lip.  

"Yeah, shoot." he said  

"Are you up for possibly one of our old venting sessions?" I asked him nervously.  

I was afraid he'd say no, because we haven't talked in such a long time.  

"Anything for you, babes!" he said sincerity filling his voice.  

"Alright, do you wanna meet up somewhere?" I asked him

"I know this small café we could meet up at?" he said but it sounded like a question  

"That sounds great," I said smiling "where is it?" I asked  

He gave me the directions & I quickly typed them into my phone.  

"Okay Joshie," I exclaimed "see ya soon!" & with that I hung up.  

I got up to go inside & made my way over to my closet to get ready. I slid into my peach colored knitted sweater some jean shorts, & my light brown flats.  

I went into the bathroom to wash my face, quickly applied mascara & lip gloss, then headed into the living room.  

"Hey I'm going out," I said to Val who was still on the phone.  

She just nodded looking up quickly & returned to her call.  

I grabbed my wallet, cellphone, & glasses, then pulled my hair back into my cream colored beanie.  


"Be back later!" I screamed making my way out the door.  


I made my way out of the lobby & as soon as the sun hit my face I was blinded. My headache returned, & I remembered I was still hung over.  

Ugh. I groaned quickly putting on my oversized Gucci glasses.  

"Much better." I said to myself & made my way to the café.


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