In The Streets of Madrid

Salma & Valeria are just two normal college girls on a trip to Spain. But when Salma reencounters a certain boy, who just so happens to be in a world famous boy band that broke her heart before, will her heart suddenly take a turn? Will he make the same mistakes as before, which ended it all?


3. Chapter 3

 Salma’s POV

My head was spinning, lights were flashing & I had more than a light alcohol buzz. I was starting to feel light headed. 


I could see Enrique saying something to me, but I couldn’t seem to understand him.


I looked at him & smiled like an idiot.


“You’re really…. cute you know” I slurred shoving his shoulder causing me to lose my balance.


I felt a strong grip on my shoulders & Enrique kept speaking but I still couldn’t make out what he was saying.


Enrique’s POV

“Are you okay?” I asked Salma gripping her shoulders.


She was definitely wasted, because she couldn’t even stand straight.


“I think you should go home,” I said loudly “let’s go look for your friend.”


I led her through the crowd, as I grasped her shoulders tight, trying to help her walk. I finally found her friend, & we approached her.


Valeria’s POV

 I felt someone tap my shoulder & turned around from Harry.


I looked to see a very drunken Salma, & next to her was the bartender from earlier.


“VAAAAAAL!” she exclaimed throwing herself at me, causing me to stumble a bit.


“I think it’s best if she gets home” he said


“Only you...” I said shaking my head & sighing


I turned back to Harry, who was laughing at the situation.


“I guess I have to go then” I said “because obviously my friend here can’t control her drinking”


He chuckled


“Aren’t you staying at the same hotel we are?” he asked


“Yeah” I replied


“I’ll walk you there then” he said “Let me text Niall so he can come too”


I smiled at him “Okay”


I felt Salma beginning to weigh me down & tried keeping her up.


“I can help you take her home if you’d like?” offered the bartender


“That would be great” I said smiling




Harry’s POV


We were leaning against the wall in front of the club, waiting for Niall. I looked over to see Valeria’s friend stumbling around slurring out “I’m fine!”

I just chuckled to myself. For some strange reason she seems really familiar, but I can’t seem to remember from where.

I look over at Valeria who just lets out a long sigh.


“She’s so embarrassing sorry” she says whilst shaking her head.


“Don’t worry, she sort of reminds me of Niall when he’s drunk” I laugh.


“Yeah, except she’s a total lightweight” she muttered under her breath


Before I could answer her, a voice interrupted me


“Hey, sorry I took so long” I looked up to see Niall


“It was packed in ther-“he trailed off when his eyes landed on Val’s friend.


He seemed confused, so I quickly filled him in on everything.


“Hey, uhh… we’re just going to walk back to the hotel” I explained & proceeded to introduce everyone.



Niall’s POV


Okay, what the hell is going on? I thought to myself.


“This is Valeria.” Harry said introducing me to a pretty girl standing next to him.


"That's umm..." he said pointing to a guy across from them "I'm Enrique" he spoke up


He pointed to the girl leaning, half passed out on the guys shoulder. It was the girl from earlier that night. "And that's Valeria's friend..." he trailed off "Salma"  

Valeria spoke up finishing Harry's sentence. I looked over at the girl, & my jaw nearly dropped open.


I felt as if I had just taken a blow to the stomach.


What? No, this couldn't be her. But it is. Wait so is that Enrique dude her boyfriend?  

I looked over at Harry & his face was in almost as much shock as I was.  

"Is everything okay?" Valeria finally said breaking the awkward silence.

"Uhhhh...." Harry said confused.

"No everything's great," I said not thinking what I was saying "let's go!" I said sighing loudly.  

With that we started walking back to the hotel. Harry & Valeria we're hitting it off quite well talking & laughing. I just walked next to them I kept one hand in my pocket & my cell phone in the other, pretending to be interested in it.


I couldn't stop glancing over at Salma. She kept stumbling & was clinging onto Enrique's arm.


I can't believe she didn't even notice me right now. She didn't even look my way once. My thoughts were interrupted by a squeal & we all stopped walking to look over. Salma was tripping & stumbling everywhere she could barely walk!


"I think I'm just gonna pick her up & carry her the rest of the way" said Enrique


"That would be such a help!" Valeria told him.

He picked her up bridal style & continued walking back to the hotel. Something about this sight bothered me. I don't know why?


What we had before is just a thing of the past! It's been years since I last talked to her let alone saw her. I no longer had feelings for her. So why did it bother me to see her with him?


I quickly glanced over at her once more, to see that she had passed out in his arms & was fast asleep. This just bothered me even more. I just stared straight ahead & didn't even care to look over again.


Before I knew it we were at the hotel. I figured Harry would probably be walking Valeria all the way to her room, so I decided I would head up to our room. "I'm tired, I'm going to the room" I mumbled to Harry & stormed off inside.

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