In The Streets of Madrid

Salma & Valeria are just two normal college girls on a trip to Spain. But when Salma reencounters a certain boy, who just so happens to be in a world famous boy band that broke her heart before, will her heart suddenly take a turn? Will he make the same mistakes as before, which ended it all?


11. Chapter 10

Valeria's POV

I hang up the phone with Salma & throw it on my bed.

She has a lot of explaining to do, I'm still so confused on how she knows the boys.

I let out a long sigh & begin to look through all the photos on my laptop.

I'm looking through the various photo folders, when something catches my attention.

I click on the icon to open the picture.
It's a picture of the boys.

Harry, Zayn, Niall, Liam, & Louis standing side by side smiling big.

I catch myself staring at the Harry & admiring how he looked so young.

I thought back to 3 years ago & how I was such a fangirl. They were so cute though it was hard not to love them.

They were about 18 years old in the picture & looked perfect.

I still can't believe I ran into Harry & was becoming friends with him. What if  this would've happened to me as a 16 year old girl?

I probably would've jumped poor Harry there & then on the spot.

I chuckled to myself & kept looking through the pictures of them.

I heard the door open & walk over to the living area as Salma walks in.

She looks tired & her hair is super messy.

"Hey babe!" she says happily

"Hey..." I trail off "How was your day, or should I say night?"

"It was fine?" she says questioningly, walking over & plopping down on the couch.

She picks up my People magazine and begins to flip through it.

That's it?
That's all she's gonna tell me?
What the hell.

I walk over & sit across from her.

"So... what did you do?" I ask her trying to sound casual

She raises an eyebrow glancing up from the magazine.

"Josh & I just hung out & watched a movie..." she said casually drawing her attention back to the magazine.

"Just you & Josh, huh?" I asked her wiggling my eyebrows.

She looked up from the magazine once again & just rolled her eyes at me.

"Niall came over too." she said shrugging

"So you spent the night with both of them alone in a hotel room?!" I exclaimed putting emphasis on both.

She set the magazine down & glared at me pursing her lips.

"Yes, but nothing happened!" she said raising her voice. "God, hop off my dick bro!"

I looked at her skeptically & opened my mouth to say something back.

But I quickly closed it, when something caught my eye.

I gave her my 'what the hell' look.

It was a mark on her neck... That was most definitely NOT there before.

I glared at her.

"Are you sure nothing happened?" I asked her once more.

"We watched a movie, & nothing more, & nothing less!" she exclaimed throwing her hands up in the air.

"Then what the hell is that love bite on your neck doing there!?" I yelled at her.

"What are you talking about?!" She exclaimed shooting her hand up to touch it.

She rubbed at it & shifted uncomfortably.

"Ha! I was right! Something did go on last night, didn't it?" I yelled

She just bit her lip & looked at me guiltily.

I grinned at her.

"So who gave it to you?" I said nudging her shoulder.

She looked away.

"Was it Niall?" I said winking

"NO!" She exclaimed back way to quickly.

"So it was Josh?" I smirked at her

She turned red.

"So it was him!" I exclaimed

She got up & walked to her room shaking her head.

"Admit it! Josh gave you that hickey!"
I yelled walking after her.

"Adios Valeria!" She said slamming the door in my face.

I just laughed uncontrollably.

"I'm not dropping this yet!" I yelled walking back to my room

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