In The Streets of Madrid

Salma & Valeria are just two normal college girls on a trip to Spain. But when Salma reencounters a certain boy, who just so happens to be in a world famous boy band that broke her heart before, will her heart suddenly take a turn? Will he make the same mistakes as before, which ended it all?




Sorry i haven't been updating like usual but I've been thinking long and hard about this fanfic, and i've decided that I'm rewriting it. I would just like it to flow better, if you understand what I'm trying to say? It'll be the same plot line, characters, setting but it'll be MUCH better. Give me about a week, at the most, to just reread and edit it. So, I should have an updated version of this by next Wednesday!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

And if you have any questions, or just wanna say hi you can tweet me or message me on tumblr.


 Well that's it for now, I'll make sure to keep you guys informed.

Love you all. x

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