In The Streets of Madrid

Salma & Valeria are just two normal college girls on a trip to Spain. But when Salma reencounters a certain boy, who just so happens to be in a world famous boy band that broke her heart before, will her heart suddenly take a turn? Will he make the same mistakes as before, which ended it all?


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1


(Salma's POV)


*Saturday Afternoon*


“Ladies and Gentlemen, we're 5 minutes from our destination. Please fasten your seat belts and make sure your lap trays are up and your seat is back in the full upright position.”


I looked out the plane window eager to finally land, after a long 9 long hour flight.


My friend Val & I were here for 2 weeks working on a project for our photography course, in college. We were totally stoked to do this, & I took advantage of the opportunity considering I also needed a vacation.


We finally disembarked the plane, went through customs & claimed our luggage.


"C'mon Val!" I said eagerly dragging my tired friend across the airport, to find an exit.


We had just landed in Spain & I was determined to explore every part of Madrid.


"Ughhhhh," she groaned "how do you have so much energy right now?"


I rolled my eyes at her "Let's go!" I said pulling her outside with me.


I dug through my purse, took my phone out & called a cab to take us to our hotel.



(Valeria's POV)


We arrived to our suite & set our luggage down. I quickly dropped myself onto the couch & let out a long sigh.


I got up & walked around our huge suite, which consisted of 2 bedrooms, with an adjoining bathroom, a small living room & a kitchen.


I began unpacking my suitcases when I heard a whine "Vaaaaaal"


I walked over to Salma’s room "Yes, love?"


"I'm hungrrrry" she exclaimed like a little kid "Will you go buy me some food, por favor?"


I swear she has the biggest appetite in the entire world.

I just laughed at her "Yes, I'll be right back"


I grabbed my purse & walked to the hotel's cafe.



 (Harry's POV)


I was having lunch with Niall in the small cafe of our hotel, when I realized I had left my phone in our room.


"I'll be right back." I said excusing myself.


I turned around accidentally bumping into someone. It was a girl, she looked up at me & her eyes widened.


"Oh, I'm sorry...I wasn't paying a-a-attention." she stuttered


I looked at her she had medium length dark brown hair, fair skin, & a curvy body figure. She was absolutely beautiful.


"It's fine, are you okay?" I asked.


"Yeah, I’m fine." she blushed


"Um, okay..." I swallowed hard.

Why was I acting so nervous? I tried to flirt with her, but I couldn’t seem to find the right words. I just scratched the back of my head & looked at her.


"Well... uh... I guess I'll be seeing you?"


"Uh, yeah..." she said avoiding eye contact & walked around me.


I had just finished unpacking & plopped down on my bed sighing. Damn that really worked up my appetite, where is Val with my food?


 I heard the door open & quickly made my way over to it.


"Babe!" I exclaimed "Finally I'm starviiiiiiing!" I said taking the food out of her hands.


 "You will not believe, who I just ran into!" she exclaimed happily.


 "Who?" I said through a mouthful of food.


 "Harry Styles." she smiled



I began to cough violently & swallowed hard.


"What?" I finally managed to choke out.


"Yep!” she exclaimed popping the P


“On my way to get your food, I bumped right into him!"


 I looked at her in utter disbelief.


"As in One Direction Harry Styles?" I questioned & she nodded


 "Um, did you happen to see any of the other boys around?" I asked softly


 "No... But if Harry is here then they might be here!" she grinned.


 "Oh...." I swallowed hard


 "Is something wrong?" she asked concerned


 "No!" I replied all too quickly, plastering a fake smile on my face.


 "Okay?" she said but it came out more like a question.


 "You know what? I'm not even that hungry anymore." I said pushing my food away.


 "I'll be in my room if you need me." I told her & stormed off



Valeria's POV


I was sitting in my room reading my People magazine, when an article about One Direction caught my eye. I looked at the picture of the 5 boys, admiring a certain curly haired one, but I still can’t believe it was him! I still remember fangirling over them just 3 years ago.


I smiled at the picture once more, when my phone rang.




"Hey girlllll, it's Maribel!"


"Hey hun, what's up?"


 "I heard you're in Spain & I wanted to see if you guys wanna go out with me & the girls later?"


 "Sure thing babe!"


"Kay, we'll pick you guys up at 11"


 "Okay! See you then, bye!"


I got up to check on Salma, she had been in her room for about an hour now. I was beginning to worry about her, because she hadn’t come out since I told her I had run into Harry.



Salma's POV


My face was buried in my pillows while my mind was consumed with thoughts. I kept thinking about the only boy, who had ever caused me so much heartache.

Could he be here too?

What if he's here?

 What if I run into him?


 Why do I even care?


I kept asking myself these questions over & over again.


 "Hun, can I come in?" I heard a knock at my door, pulling me from my thoughts.


 "Yeah, come in babe" I said shaking my head as if to clear my thoughts.


 "You okay?" Val asked


 "Of course, I am!" I lied.


"Hmm… Okay well get ready!" she exclaimed excitedly


 "Why?" I asked her curiously


"Cause we're going out tonight" she winked


I almost objected, but I need to do something that'll get him off my mind. Yeah I'm going to go out tonight & have a good time.


 “Maribel & the girls are coming to pick us up at 11” she added.


"Alright! Well what are we waiting for? Vamos!" I smiled



Harry’s POV


“Are you coming out tonight?” I asked Niall


“Uh, yeah just give me a minute to get ready” he said walking over to his room.


“Alright, hurry up man!” I yelled


I sat down on the couch leaning my head back & closing my eyes. I can’t get the girl I bumped into earlier, out of my head. She had been consuming my thoughts the entire day. I had never seen her before, yet I felt as if we had an instant connection.


“Let’s go man!” Niall yelled already walking out the door.


I reluctantly got up from the couch & we left.


Salma’s POV

“Girrlll, are you ready yet?!” Val yelled at me


“Give me 5 more minutes” I replied


“Hurry up Maribel is on her way!” she exclaimed


“I’m coming, I’m coming” I said entering the room


“Oh daaaamn gurl, you look fine” she winked

I was wearing a tight red dress, about mid-thigh length, with matching red heels, & a silver clutch purse. I went with neutral colors on my makeup & decided to leave my hair down.


“You like?” I said winking back.


She laughed & rolled her eyes jokingly.

I looked at Val she was wearing a magenta sleeveless blouse, dark blue jeans, silver stilettos, & a silver clutch like mine. She went with a light pink eye shadow & her hair was pulled back into a white beanie.

“Val, you are too cuuuute!” I smiled wide.


There was a knock on the door, & Valeria walked over to answer it.


“Hey chicas!!!” Maribel squealed “Ready to go?”

“Hell yeah!” I grinned pulling Val out the door with me.

Valeria’s POV


We were making our way to some club, with Maribel leading the way. Even though we were still a good distance away from the club, we could already hear the music coming from the club.

“Let’s go babes!”

Salma exclaimed as she started carefree dancing in the middle of the street. She was swinging her hips, hands in the air clapping to the beat of the music & spinning around effortlessly.

 She grabbed my hand & pulled me into the streets with her she started spinning me around.

“C’mon girl move those hips” she smiled

Tonight I already knew I was going to have to play the big sister role tonight, just by the way she’s acting sober imagine her drunk.

I just laughed “Estas loca!” then shook my head.


Niall’s POV

I looked around trying to find Harry in the crowd of dancing people, & finally found him at the bar with some blonde.

“Hey man, ima get some air” I told him


“Yeah alright” he nodded & returned to chatting up the girl.


Wow, those Spanish girls sure know how to party, I thought to myself stepping outside.


I leaned up against the wall of the club & pulled my cellphone out.


*4 missed calls* *11 unread messages*


I checked them & just shook my head, they were all from Julia. We’re not even dating anymore; she needs to stop checking up on me all the time!


I looked up to see a girl dancing in the street with her friends following behind. Well she sure seemed like a good time. As they approached the entrance of the club I could now see the girl’s face.

Whoa! She was rather attractive.


Salma’s POV


Lights were flashing; people were grinding & dancing with each other. I gripped Val’s hand tight, pulling her through the crowd of people, as we made our way to the bar.

“This place is great!” I yelled into her ear.


“I know!” she yelled back.


I called the bartender over

 “A pina colada for her & a shot of Vodka for me” He smiled at me & started to pour our drinks.

“Here you go Senorita” he said handing us our drinks


I began to pull my card out of my clutch, but he just shook his head

“Don’t worry it’s on the house” he said winking

He was really cute; I should remember to give him my number later.


“That was nice of him!” yelled Val


“Yeah, I know!” I yelled back


I downed my shot in record timing.


“Damn girl, control yourself!” Val yelled giving me her infamous ‘what the fuck’ look.


“Don’t worry babe, I’ll be fine!” I said giving her a reassuring grin.


With that I turned & walked away to get another drink from the bar.


“Back already?” the bartender said smirking


“Can I get another shot of Vodka please, & maybe you’re name?”  I said leaning over the counter


“Coming right up,” He said grinning “oh & my name’s Enrique”


I smiled as he handed me my drink, "I'm Salma"


 “So tell me, Salma, what’s a lovely lady like you doing here?” he asked


 “Just to hang out & have fun” I said leaning in closer


“Hmm, it looks like my shift is over soon & I wouldn’t mind hanging out with you.” he said smiling sweetly.

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