My Dissected Life

I start an experiment. Noting down everthing around me and in me. The emotions, the reflections, the twist and turns. Please be bored!


2. Starting into the cyberworld

Of course I didn't just sit and breathe and pretend to be a Buddhist monk, like I used to do quite dilligently in my 20ties. I am addicted to the Internet at the moment, to mailing, to world news, waiting impatiently for world revolution. Most of the times, nothing really happens, but sometimes I find a thread on UFOs or the secret world power organization, that has been fooling us normal people for decades. Surely since the beginning of the 20th century. I am not a linear historian, thus my Buddhistic background keeps me grounded on the present, and that's where I want to come back continuously.

The present. Have you seen the "Pope's balcony speech" at the Ecuadorian embassy? Although I'm at the "butt of the world", in a far-off time-zone, I intuitively caught him LIVE on Al Jazeera. What a speech. We are watching continuously and that is saving him and his transparency mission, he said. We have seen history on 9/11 and 3/11 but last sun-day was finally an angel singing a bright song of the future. There are still some old farts in power and they won't die away that quickly, but let's say in 20 years, when my boy is grown up. Then there might actually be a meaningful job for him (and for me. Smile).

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