My Dissected Life

I start an experiment. Noting down everthing around me and in me. The emotions, the reflections, the twist and turns. Please be bored!


4. Breaking out

Going deeper is not enough. I need to do something crazy. Not destructive, totally creative like a jack-in-the-box. Going out, jumping into the new realm, having all you need, pure power, a smile and a soaring trajectory.

Need what?! Money?! Bullshit!!

Need sleep, food. Need love, sex. Need entertainment, sweets, excitement, quiet.


Shut up!!!









E  v  e  r  y t    h   i     n   g          i        s              e        t       e     r        n         a                      l.




go further.     and further.   listen.      awake. always. love yourself. love yourself and you will surely love everyone, everything around you. Start with the little tiny detail, even the ugly mole can enchant you, can save your day, make meaning, delight, joy. positivity. amen. hate comes and goes. forgets.


the quiet stays.                  it rests.                reset.            get set.           goooooooooooooo!



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