My Dissected Life

I start an experiment. Noting down everthing around me and in me. The emotions, the reflections, the twist and turns. Please be bored!


3. Behind the hollow moon

You must be kidding! No, I'm bloody serious.

I won't tell you all of it right away. You'll get severe indigestion, disorientation, loss of lust for "life".

But if you wake out of it, you will be godly; your true, happy self you used to be, but we all forget that, except in those rare special moments; drugs (the natural ones), love, music and arts.

No need to go back to that manly capitalistic predatory world. Just be fine.

Look at the moon, inside the moon. And untangle from the negativity.

Just be. Be in the moment. And then follow your insights. The inner sight. The true sight. Of the universe. Of you. Of my eternal soul. Your heart energy. Your Divinity.

Thanks to the alarm clocks of the Cybernet! Going deeper and deeper.

Peace is all around the world!



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