Gotta Be You

Darian was just a normal teen that went to school & hung out with friends until one day her family went on a vacation to London and everything changed. (this is my first one)


6. Unexpected Arrival

Last night Niall surprised me by getting down on one knee and proposing last night! I said yes. We set our wedding November 23rd this year and we can't wait. I cant go buy my dress yet till after I have the babies but I did go out and buy my bridesmades their dresses. My maid of honor is Tesla, and my other bridesmades are ashley, Fallyn, and kaleigh. The best man is Harry along with the others Liam, Zayn, and Louis. My wedding colors are pink and black. The girls wear link and the boys wear black. Today I have to go to my ultrasound appointment to find out the gender. At 2 oclock me and Niall leave to go. When we get their the doctor puts that cold stuff on my belly and looks on the monitor. They told me I was having twins! They couldn't see the other baby because it was hiding on the side. Their genders are both girls. Me and Niall are so excited and we only have two months left till their arrival. My whole family is excited so we have been thinking of two girl names. It's a very hard descision. My life is almost perfect I'm engaged to get married, I have a perfect husband, and I have two beautiful baby girls on the way. I am kind of scared to have the babies but niall cheers me up. I just had a birthday so I am now 18. Niall is still only 19. He will be 20 next month. I ended up graduating early with strait A's. Since I became pregnant I have been hungry a lot and I gained a lot of pounds. The. Next altrasound I went to hey told me the babies might come early. Their due date is September 18th. It is now sore ever first. Fallyn went back to school for her senior year. Ashley and tesla graduated last year with me. Kaleigh and Louis wedding is only a couple of days away which is bad because of my big belly. Their wedding is the 13th which is nialls birthday. When it came time for the weddin they said their vows and everything. We went to the reception and then I started to feel massive pains I my stomach. Everyone thinks it is labor pains. I'm very nervous so Niall is taking me to the hospital to get me checked out. My parents, tesla, Ashley, and Fallyn all tagged along . When we got to the hospital they took me back right away and told me that I was in labor. I told them that I wasn't due for another week but they just told me it was coming now and that I had to push.
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